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Dayton - Historic Preservation Code and Process Project 2016

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BALLOT Envelope Review April 25, 2016 - Update     4/25/2016

UPDATE - All ballot "mailing envelopes" received were accepted & approved. WSHD - 10 ballots & SSHD - 59 ballots received to date.

  1. The mailing envelopes of ballots received and signatures on the envelopes will be reviewed at 6 pm tonight, Mon., April 25, 2016, City Hall.
  2. The purpose of the review is to give the commission time (before May 2, 2016) to contact a property owner should they have a question regarding the signature or other discrepancy on the envelope.
  3. Envelopes will NOT be opened.  Envelops will be opened on May 2, 2016, 6 pm and ballots will then be counted.

 If you wish to watch the review of envelopes tonight, you may come in and watch in the audience. Please be respectful and quiet during the process.  Once the review is complete, either the reviewers or I will give an update to anyone who watched.


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