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Timberworks - A flood resiliency and restoration plan for the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam

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TimberWorks: Resiliency & Restoration Master Plan to Reduce Flood Risk – To Be Considered for Adopti     12/6/2016

The City Councils of Aberdeen and Hoquiam will be reviewing the TimberWorks Resiliency & Restoration Master Plan the week of December 12th, 2016, and will consider adopting the plan by way of resolution.   

The TimberWorks Resiliency & Restoration Master Plan was a year-long process to assess flooding issues and identify projects to reduce flood risk, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, and increase recreation and open space opportunities.  The project was made possible through a grant from Grays Harbor County’s .09 Economic Development Fund.  Since early 2016 the consultant team, including Maul Foster & Alongi LLC and Forterra, have been collecting data, performing preliminary analyses, and obtaining feedback from the TimberWorks Advisory Committee and community members. 

The TimberWorks Master Plan is now complete, providing a comprehensive and broadly supported approach to address flooding through a prioritized set of projects which include funding and implementation strategies. The TimberWorks Plan takes a multiple benefits approach, leveraging investments in flood risk reduction to achieve other benefits such as water quality improvements, habitat enhancement, and community and economic development.  Project recommendations include:

  • Protect forested areas at the headwaters of creeks above Aberdeen and Hoquiam
  • Create storage for runoff and flood waters
  • Reconnect creeks to floodplains
  • Increase capacity of storm drain system
  • Expand levee system

The TimberWorks planning process has been closely coordinated with the North Shore Levee Project, a proposed system of earthen dikes, floodwalls, raised roadways, and pump stations that is being led by KPFF Consulting Engineers.  The levee will address issues with coastal flooding caused by high tides and low pressure systems, and will also include significant stormwater conveyance system improvements.    

Implementation of the proposed projects and programs will be led by the Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam with support from partners and will occur in phases over time. The timeline for implementation will be driven by the availability of staff resources and funding.

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