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The Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT) project, proposed by Pacific International Terminals, Inc., is a multi-user import and export marine terminal for dry bulk commodities and other marine cargoes. The proposed site is in Whatcom County, and the marine terminal would be located within the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve south of Birch Bay.

The proposed project would include new rail loop tracks, covered and open terminal storage areas, and a pier and trestle connection to the terminal storage area. Improvements to rail lines at Custer Spur would be made by BNSF Railway. The terminal project area is located between BP’s Cherry Point refinery and the Alcoa Intalco works aluminum smelter, and encompasses about 1,500 acres, with development occurring on about one-quarter of the area. At full operation, GPT would have the capacity to export and import approximately 54 million metric tons per year of dry bulk commodities including, but not limited to, coal, grain products, potash, and calcined petroleum coke.

In 2010, the Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance (ORIA) formed a MAP Team with staff from federal, state, and local government agencies and Tribes. This fully coordinated project team approach will help integrate the regulatory information and processes to ensure effective and efficient decision-making.

ORIA convened the MAP Team for a project kickoff on November 30, 2010, and facilitated team meetings to assist in the environmental regulatory review process. The team conducted early project review and met to review and provide timely input on a variety of regulatory documents and permit applications. The MAP team is on hold during the environmental impact statement (EIS) process, which is conducted by federal, state, and local agencies responsible for state and national environmental policy acts (SEPA and NEPA). Further information on the EIS is at: http://www.eisgatewaypacificwa.gov/

Gateway Pacific Terminal Schematic


Project vicinity map (click here)

2010 Complete DNR Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve process.  Initiate Gateway Pacific Terminal Multi-agency Permit (MAP) Team.   Final Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Management Plan
2008 Company conducted cultural investigations, Sampling and Analysis Plan revisions, engineering designs, and initiated geotechnical studies.  Continue Settlement Agreement negotiations.   Wetland Determination and Delineation (2/08) See "Studies and Investigations"
2007 Wetland delineation.  Continue Settlement Agreement negotiations.    
2006 Herring monitoring studies.  Initiate design of macroalgae mitigation site.    
2004 Herring monitoring studies.  Stream surveys.    
2003 Draft Sampling and Analysis Plan.    
2000 DNR initiates Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve.   Withdrawal Order for Reserve (8/00)
1999 PIT enters into Settlement Agreement.   Settlement Agreement (7/99) See "Settlement Agreement"  
1998 Appellants and PIT negotiations.  Herring studies.    
1997 Finalize SEPA.  Permit Public Hearings – Whatcom County. Department of Ecology appeals Shoreline Permit.   Final SEPA EIS (2/97) Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Major Development Permit and Shoreline Substantial Development Decision (3/14/1997) 
1996 SEPA Process – Whatcom County.   Draft SEPA EIS (12/96)  
1995 Wetland mitigation plan.    
1992 Pacific International Terminal (PIT) submits applications to Whatcom County for permits (Major Development and Shoreline Substantial Development). Wetland delineation. Permit applications
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