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Applicant Documents
Date Document Response
Pending Please refer to the EIS website for updates to reports: http://www.eisgatewaypacificwa.gov/ n/a
11/29/2012 'Studies Provided by the Applicant' (independently submitted for consideration and use in the NEPA/SEPA EIS process) n/a
6/27/2012 Gateway Pacific Terminal Project, Whatcom County, Washington - Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA) Ecology e-mail
5/29/2012 Request to withdraw and reapply for 401 certification. Ecology letter
3/16/2012 Major Project Permit and Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (Supplemental Applications - Supplemental Information):

Notice of Application (4/16/2012)

Determination of Completeness (4/2/2012)

11/29/2011 Input to MAP Team status and questions for MAP Team Meeting Panel Discussion by NEPA/SEPA Agencies n/a
10/27/2011 Economic Analysis Reports, SSA MarineLetter and Enclosures n/a
10/13/2011 Salmonid Spawner Survey Work Plan for Stream 1 Agency comments incorporated
09/13/2011 JARPA submitted to USACE for Geotechnical Investigation Access Clearing. Pending
09/12/2011 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan forTerrestrial Geotechnical Investigation submitted to Ecology. Permit Decisions
08/19/2011 Critical Areas Studies and Mitigation Plan for Terrestrial Geotechnical Investigations. Click here . Agency Comments
08/16/2011 Land Development Permit Application Submitted to Whatcom County along with proposed Temporary Erosion and Sediment ControlPlan. Click here Regulatory Actions
08/16/2011 SEPA Checklist Submitted to Whatcom County for Terrestrial Geotechnical Investigations. Click heretd> Regulatory Action
08/15/2011 BNSF Custer Spur JARPA Pending
08/15/2011 NOI Contruction Stormwater General Permit Submitted to Ecology for Terrestrial Geotechnical Investigations. Click here. Permit Decision
2011 Sediment Implementation Work Plan:
Response to Ecology Comments on Draft 2011.Click here.
07/14/2011 Marine Biology Baseline Monitoring Plan - Final (with response to agency comments). Click here. [Note: Click here for 05/27/2011 Applicant response to WDFW Marine Biota Baseline Monitoring Comments.] Final Plan contains Applicant response to Agency comments.
06/21/2011 2011 Sediment Implementation Plan - Draft
  • Click here for Word document.
  • Click here for associated PDF figures.
Agency comments
Formal MPP and SDP Application and JARPA Signatures:
  • GPT-MPP Cover Letter. Click here
  • GPT MPP App, Intake Checklist, Fee Responsibility, Agent Authorization (4 docs in one file). Click here.
  • GPT Site Plan. Click here.
  • GPT ESA Checklist. Click here.
  • GPT Land Disturbance App. Click here.
  • GPT Traffic & Concurrency Info Form. Click here.
  • 20110520 Executed JARPA Signature Page. Click here.
  • GPT Adjacent Land Owners (submittal). Click here.
  • GPT MPP App Watts Signature (submittal). Click here.
  • GPT MPP-SDP(R) Application 20110606 (submittal). Click here.
  • GPT Preliminary Stormwater Proposal Form 20110608 (submittal). Click here
  • GPT WC Fee Worksheet 160048, 20110315 (submittal). Click here.
05/25/2011 Letter to Ecology to initiate 401 Certification review. Click here. Agency comments
05/20/2011 Marine Biota Baseline Monitoring - Draft. Click here. Agency comments
GPT Project Submittals (02/28/2011):
1.JARPA. Click here.
  • Wetland delineation and determination (AMEC 2008). Click here.
2.Project Information Document. (For fully compiled PID, click here.)
  • Chapter 0 -- Cover Page, Table of Contents, Miscellaneous. Click here.
  • Chapter 1 -- Introduction. Click here.]
  • Chapter 2 -- Project Permitting. Click here.
  • Chapter 3 -- Purpose & Need. Click here.
  • Chapter 4 -- The Proposed Action. Click here.
  • Chapter 5 -- Environmental Resources and Project Effects. Click here.
  • Chapter 6 – References. Click here.
3. Preliminary Conceptual Compensatory Mitigation Plan. Click here.
4. Biological Evaluation (being revised to include BNSF information and won't be available until late-May/early-June).
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