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Studies and Investigations

AMEC Geomatrix. November 2008. Gateway Pacific Terminal, Sediment Investigation Work Plan.Submitted to Pacific International Terminals, Inc. Click here

 AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. February 22, 2008. Wetland Determination and Delineation, Gateway Pacific Terminal Property, Whatcom County, WA. Submitted to Pacific International Terminals, Inc. Click here

  • Addendum:15538 GPT Rev Boundaries 080711. Click here
  • Addendum: GPT Wetland Binder. Click here

Chavez, Francisco P. et al. Science 299, 217 (2003). From anchovies to sardines and back: multidecadal change in the Pacific Ocean. Click here

Gustafson, R.G.,et al. 2006. Status review of Cherry Point Pacific herring (clupea pallasii) and updated status review of the Georgia Basin Pacific herring distinct population segment under the Endangered Species Act. U.S. Dept. of Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-NWFSC-76, 192 p. Click here

Hay, D.E.,et al. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. Vol. 58, 1356 (2001). Tagging of Pacific herring clupea pallasi from 1936 - 1992: a review with comments on homing, geographic fidelity, and straying. Click here

Reese, Lymon C. and Shin-Tower Wang. November 1993. Interim Report, design of pile foundations, ARCO dock completion project, Cherry Point Refinery, Cherry Point Washington. Click here

Resource Analysts International. December 21, 2006. Review of hydroacoustic surveys of herring distribution in the Cherry Point area in 1998 and 2004. Click here

Various authors. 1993. Correspondence: Ben C. Gerwich Inc., and Paul Richardson Assoc., re: piles. December 30, 1993. Click here

WA Department of Fish and Wildlife. June 29, 2010. E-mail communication: 2010 Cherry Point herring spawn deposition surveys estimated spawning escapement (short tons), final. Click here

Settlement Agreement


Pacific International Terminals. April 26, 2012. Scope of Work for Gateway Pacific Terminal Vessel Traffic and Risk Assessment Study. Pacific International Terminals, WA Department of Ecology et al. Click here

Settlement Agreement, Pacific International Terminals, Shoreline Substantial Development Permit SHS 92-0020 and SHB Appeals Numbers 97-22 and 97-23.

  • Settlement Agreement. Click here
  • Settlement Agreement (Appendices). Click here
  • Stipulation and Order of Dismissal. August 31, 1999. Click here
1996-1997 EIS and Related

Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc. 1995, 1996. Appendix F, Wetland Reports (F-1 Wetland Report, August 1995; F-2 Preliminary Wetland Mitigation Plan, March 1996). Prepared for Gateway Pacific Terminal Click here

Shapiro & Assoc., Inc. January 1994. Cherry Point Natural Resources Studies, Technical Reports. Prepared for Pacific International Terminals. Click here

WA Department of Ecology. January 22, 1997. Correspondence: comment letter from Rebecca J. Inman, Ecology, to Roland Middleton, Whatcom County. Click here .

Whatcom County. March 14, 1997. Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Major Development Permit (MDP No. 92-0003) and Shoreline Substantial Development Decision (SHS 92-0020). Click here

Whatcom County. February 1997. Gateway Pacific Terminal Final Environmental Impact Statement. Whatcom County Planning and Development Services. Click here

Whatcom County. December 1996. Gateway Pacific Terminal Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Whatcom County Planning and Development Services. Click here

Whatcom County. December 1996. Appendices: Gateway Pacific Terminal Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Whatcom County Planning and Development Services. Click here

Whatcom County. November 30, 1995. Revised Scoping Notice, Determination of Significance and Request for Comments on Scope of EIS. Click here .


Lummi Nation. September 14, 2001. A Guide for Analysis of Project Impacts on the Lummi Nation. Click here

WA Department of Natural Resources. November 2010. Cherry Point Environmental Aquatic Reserve Management Plan. Click here

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