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Agency Comments
Agency Memos
Agency Comments
Date Agency, Name Comment
Salmonid Spawner Survey Work Plan for Stream 1 (10/13/2011) Click here.
09/22/2011 WDFW, Brian Williams Comment
DRAFT Sediment Implementation Work Plan (06/21/2011) Click here
08/22/2011 WDNR, Cyrilla Cook Comment
07/11/2011 Ecology, Laura Inouye Comment Attachment 1


Attachment 2 Additional Comments
06/30/2011 Whatcom County, Tyler Schroeder Comment
06/28/2011 WDNR, Cyrilla Cook Comment
DRAFT Marine Biota Baseline Monitoring Plan (05/20/2011) Click here.
05/31/2011 Ecology, Loree' Randall Comment
05/31/2011 WDNR, Cyrilla Cook Comment
05/27/2011 WDFW, Brian Williams Comment
GPT Project Submittals (02/28/2011) Click here.
05/03/2011 WDFW, Brian Williams, Mark O'Toole Comments Attachment 1 Attachment 2
04/07/2011 Ecology MAP Team Members Comments
04/07/2011 Whatcom County Comments
04/07/2011 NWCAA, Mark Buford Comments
04/07/2011 US EPA, Krista Rave-Perkins Comments
04/06/2011 WDNR, Cyrilla Cook Comments
Agency Memos
Date Agency, Name Topic Memo
12/14/2011 NWCAA General Statement regarding GPT Project. News Release
07/08/2011 WDFW, Brian Williams WDFW Stream Classification Memo 
05/10/2011 WDNR, Cyrilla Cook Baseline Investigation Protocols for Marine Environment Memo
05/05/2011 WDNR, Cyrilla Cook Agency with Expertise Memo 
04/27/2011 WDFW, Brian Williams Determination of watercourses covered by WDFW’s Hydraulic Code authority Memo and Map
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