Permit Number:   123199-2   Permitee:   Unincorporated (Kitsap)
Project: Long Lake Beaver Dam Removal Waterbody: Curley Creek
Latitude: 47.499189 Longitude: -122.580363
Road & Milepost: 30509
Description: A beaver has built a dam in the center of the bridge at Long Lake Road & Curley Creek. This beaver dam will have to be removed by hand before flooding occurs.
Created by   Tony Carroll  on   09/24/2012 6:42:50

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 ActivityPermit ChapterDescriptionStart DateEnd DateNotification DateStatusDocuments
Beaver Dam Removal Chapter 5: Beaver Dam Removal and Installation of Exclusion Devices A beaver has built a dam in the center of the bridge on Long Lake Road & Curley Creek & will be removed by hand.9/27/201211/1/20129/24/2012 Notified
No documents.
Manmade Debris Removal Chapter 8: Road Washout Material/Manmade Debris Cleanup We will be removing a beaver dam at Long Lake Road & there is manmade debris just downstream that will be removed by being lifted by machine.9/27/201211/1/20129/24/2012 Notified
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