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Timberworks - A flood resiliency and restoration plan for the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam

Project Launch & Walking Tours
Grays Harbor PUD (morning) Rotary Log Pavilion (afternoon)

Reducing Flood Impacts in Our Community

Come tell us what you think & discuss potential solutions

The Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam have begun to develop a resiliency and restoration master plan to reduce flood risk, enhance fish habitat, and increase recreation and open space opportunities in the area.  Join our consultant-led walking tours on March 31st to learn about the project, identify problem areas, share your flooding experiences and discuss potential solutions.    

Where have you seen problematic flooding in your community?

Where do you see opportunities for improvements?

Where do you see opportunities to make your neighborhood a safer and more enjoyable place to live?

Date: Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Locations:  There will be two sessions - one meeting at the Grays Harbor PUD office at 9am with a walking tour of the Fry Creek and Cherry Street area and the other meeting in Aberdeen to tour the Wilson Creek area.  Attend either or both.    

•   Morning Session: Grays Harbor PUD, 2720 Sumner Ave, Aberdeen for Fry Creek walking tour (9:00 -11:30 AM)
•   Afternoon Session: Rotary Log Pavilion, 1401 Sargent Boulevard, Aberdeen for Wilson Creek walking tour (2:00-4:30 PM)

Please RSVP to Lfromme@forterra.org or 206-905-6946.