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EZview is a continuing partnership of the Washington State Governor’s Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance (ORIA), Association of Washington Cities (AWC), and Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC).

The goal of EZview is to provide today’s planning and public works professionals with a scalable tool to meet the needs of the public and the stakeholder communities they serve for current, accurate and up-to-date project information (especially for those projects that are controversial, contentious, or worse yet . . . both!). EZview is designed for infrastructure, planning and public works projects where the need for transparency, accuracy, and accountability is high. By using EZview, project managers can:

  • Increase public and stakeholder access to important project information.
  • Increase public and stakeholder perceptions about the transparency and rigor of the decision-making process
  • Decrease public disclosure requests
  • Decrease time and expense servicing public disclosure requests

EZview is a secure and flexible web tool that allows agencies, applicants and local governments to collaborate and document project activities. EZview is an open platform to easily share and exchange project information so as to best and most efficiently keep everyone on the same page and current with the project.

The Mayor of the Town of Yacolt had the following to say about EZview:

  • “For someone sitting at home to be able to have the whole sewer plan right there on their computer has been helpful,”
  • “We want to make sure people have all the information they need so that the citizens and their local town government can make an educated decision.”

If you are a project manager and interested in improving the quality and transparency of your planning, public works or infrastructure permitting and decision-making processes then you too should try EZview!


 Office for Regulatory Innovation & Assistance

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