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Millwood Trail – Planning and Design

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Here's what's happening
10/13/2016  -  Application for Grant Funding  (Ped Bike ) 
The City of Millwood submitted an application to Washington Department of Transportation for funding of Millwood Trail improvements under the Pedestrian and Bicycle Program.  The grant request is for $1,350,000, with an additional local match of $100,000.  The City expects to hear if the project is funded WSDOT in the fall of 2016.
The application is available in the Library-Documents section.
4/21/2016  -  Contemporary or Railroad Theme  (Design Alternatives for the Trail) 
The City's design team has prepared ideas for the design of amenities along the Millwood Trail.  One approach is to use design themes which tie in with the trail's historical connection with the SIER railroad.
We would like to know what you like about the two design alternatives.  Please look at the two boards from the second open house shown below, and send us your comments using the "Send Comment" button on the home page.
3/24/2016  -  Second Open House Scheduled  (Presentation of Conceptual Design) 
The City's design team will be present at an open house on Tuesday, April 19 to present conceptual details of the proposed bike/ped trail.  See the Notice in the Events tab above.
3/18/2016  -  Presentation of Conceptual Trail Design   
The City Council heard a presentation on March 8, 2016 from the City's consultants on the Conceptual Design for the Millwood Trail.  The report includes details from the first public open house held in February.  The number one necessary feature identified at the open house? Lighting.
A Concept Design includes General Elements of the trail (cross section, surface material, alignment, amenities, landscapaing, connection opportunities and so on), and some schematic plans to...
The City of Millwood's consultant, Welch Comer Engineers, presented the initial results of the open house for the planning and design of the Millwood Trail at the council meeting on Feb. 9.  The report has been uploaded under the Library tab above.  The consultant is planning to present design concepts for the trail at the next city council meeting on Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00 p.m.
2/9/2016  -  A Successful Open House  (Photos from the public meeting on January 27) 
The open house on January 27 went very well with good attendance and input from those who came.  While the engineering team works up the report on the results of the open house, here are some photos taken during the meeting.

1/12/2016  -  The S&IE Interurban Railroad   (The Historical Context) 
The location of the Millwood Trail has a long and interesting history, beginning in the early days of Spokane County when towns were fighting for railroad access.
From Tracy Rebstock, Spokane Historical, a project of Eastern Washington University:
Street car lines appeared in Spokane from about 1890 to the late 1920's. Interurban lines were popular to get people from one place to another within the city but soon rail lines were built to take Spokane residents to places outside the City. J.P....
1/11/2016  -  Background  (How We Got To This Point) 
The Millwood Trail.was originally proposed in 2011 by the City of spokane Valley as a joint effort of Spokane Valley, City of Spokane and City of Millwood.  The Trail was to be located on the former Great Northern Railway right of way which was acquired by Spokane County from Burlington Northern Railroad in the 1970's. When the joint project failed to proceed, Millwood decided to push forward with its one-mile section. Millwood obtained a lease from Spokane County to construct the trail...
1/8/2016  -  Announcement of Public Participation Opportunity  (First Public Meeting on the Millwood Trail Project) 


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