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Lewis County - Adna Levee Project

Summary of the project

Last Updated: November 20, 2013


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2012 Funding -- $244,145 (9/7/2012).

Description -- The project consists of cleaning out and restoring approximately 7,500 lineal feet of the existing drainage pathway along the historic railway grade (now Willapa Rails to Trail System) and replacing culverts as necessary to provide historic levels of protection to the surrounding areas (Adna High School and surrounding households).  Phase I consists of about 4,200 linear feet of channel clearing eastward from Bunker Creek Road.  Phase I channel clearing is to occur outside of wetland areas.  Phase II consists of protection of the levee low point, replacement of Dieckman Road culvert, and ditch grading.  Phase I will be completed 2/2013.  Phase II will be completed 9/2013.

Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- The project would restore previously established drainage routes and provide additional flood protection for a concentrated group of residents, business, a fire station, a public park and a public school within the unincorporated Adna community.

Project Status -- Phase I -- Completed.  Phase II -- Completed.

Schedule -- Phase I and Phase II are described as follows:

Phase II (revised): Levee low point (weir) slope protection, Dieckman Road culvert replacement, and ditch grading:
    • DONE -- 08/28/2013 -- Construction substantially complete and traffic fully restored on August 28, 2013.  All project construction, punch list items and maintenance mowing completed by the Contractor on September 18, 2013.
    • DONE -- 08/01/2013 -- Start construction (concrete box culvert supplier needs time to cast/cure concrete culvert).  Construction Start August 5, 2013.
    • DONE -- 06/03/2013 -- Award contract (Award contingent upon securing DAHP approval).  All permits approved and Contract awarded to OSG Dozing (Olympia, WA) for their low bid of $165,586.19 (Engineer’s Estimate was $176,452.43).
    • DONE -- 05/30/2013 -- Open Contractor Bids.  Complete.
    • DONE -- 05/15/2013 -- Advertise for Contractor Bids (Lewis County Small Works Roster).  Complete.

Phase I: Ditch clearing (4,200 linear feet) outside wetland area:
    • DONE -- 02/2013 -- Phase I work complete.


Aerial View
Aerial View
Aerial View
Aerial View
Construction -- Low Point Armoring
Construction -- Low Point Armoring
Ditch Section Above Culvert
Construction -- Ditch Section Above Culvert
New Culvert
Construction -- New Culvert
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