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Aberdeen - North Shore Levee Project

Summary of the project
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

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North Shore Levee Project Update - March 2023

Today, the Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam issued a press release on the WA Senate Capital Budget Inclusion of $18.5M for the Aberdeen-Hoquiam Flood Protection Project. The Press Release can be found in the document library.

North Shore Levee Project Update - August 2022

FEMA, State Emergency Management, and Local Leaders Announce Historic Investments in Climate and Disaster Resilience

On August 12, 2022, FEMA Region 10 Administrator Wille G. Nunn joined Washington Emergency Management Division Director Robert Ezelle and local leaders in Aberdeen, WA, to announce Washington projects selected as part of President Biden’s historic $1.16 billion climate and disaster resilience investment and the availability of an additional $3.095 billion in funding opportunities for communities in Fiscal Year 2022. The event occurred near the planned $78 million North Shore Levee project, which was selected for $50 million in funding and will provide critical flood protection for residents and businesses across Aberdeen and Hoquiam.

North Shore Levee Project Update - July 2021

The Aberdeen-Hoquiam Flood Protection Project comprises two critical levees, the North Shore Levee and the North Shore Levee-West Segment, which are needed to protect the Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam against coastal flood events between the Wishkah and Hoquiam rivers north of the Chehalis River and Grays Harbor Estuary.

North Shore Levee- Overview

The North Shore Levee will construct a 6.2-mile levee across the two cities, providing critical flood protection and removing over 3,100 properties from FEMA's mapped Special Flood Hazard Area. The project will build resiliency in the face of future flood events, retaining existing businesses, jobs, and residents who have been on the decline in the community. The total construction cost of the North Shore is estimated to be at least $78 million.

There are four stages of the North Shore Levee Project:

    1. Completion of the Fry Creek Pump Station
    2. Construction of the Levee to the east of the Port of Grays Harbor
    3. Construction of the Levee to the west of the Port of Harbor
    4. Stormwater Improvements: Ongoing - will be funded locally.

North Shore Levee - West Segment- Overview

The North Shore Levee—West Segment, estimated to cost $40 million to construct, will build a levee (earthen, concrete, and sheet pile) for 4.7 miles bordering the west side of Hoquiam. This levee will protect local residents and build resiliency in the face of future flood events, as well as retain existing businesses, jobs, and residents who have been on the decline in this community. More information on North Shore Levee-West can be found at: https://www.ezview.wa.gov/?alias=1997&pageid=37701

North Shore Levee- Funding Status
Office of Chehalis Basin Funding Request 2023-25 Biennium -- $35,500,000 for Flood Protection
The Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam have submitted a joint request of $35.5 million for construction funds for the Aberdeen - Hoquiam Flood Protection Project. These funds will help construct the North Shore Levee and North Shore Levee-West projects. As of March 23, 2023, the Senate version of the 23-25 Capital Budget includes $18.5 million. The next step is for the House to release its 2023-2025 Capital Budget on March 27th and hold a hearing the following day. Once both houses of the Legislature pass their capital budgets, the two budgets will go to a conference committee to resolve the differences. Then the combined budget goes back to each house for approval before moving on to the Governor. 

FY22 Congressional Directed Spending -- $9,950,000 for Aberdeen - Hoquiam Flood Projection
Congressman Kilmer led the effort to secure $9.950 million for the joint Project.  The funds were obligated in late September 2022. This federal funding will help support pre-construction activities such as the design and development of discipline reports required for environmental review and permitting of the Projects.

2021 State Capital Budget Funding -- $8,750,000 for Fry Creek Pump Station construction through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to be administered through the Dept. of Commerce (2021 State Capital Budget, Section 1085). An Award Letter and program guidelines are anticipated by Sept. 1, 2021, giving more details on implementing these funds.

2017-2019 Funding -- $2,117,643 through Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority + $2,500,000 through 2018 State Supplemental Capital Budget = $4,617,643 TOTAL

2015-17 Funding -- $988,000 (2/23/2016, click here)

Project Financials -- See separate project financials website here.

Project Status -- On-Track, Underway -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) for the proposed North Shore Levee. The next step in this process is to finalize the design of the Levee, complete the NEPA review process and go through the local permitting process.

Background -- The Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam are working in partnership to design and build the North Shore Levee to provide flood protection for low-lying parts of the cities between the Wishkah and Hoquiam Rivers north of the Chehalis River and Grays Harbor Estuary. The project will provide coastal flood protection to as many areas as is feasible, improve the storm drainage systems in Aberdeen and Hoquiam so that they more effectively collect and convey runoff from intense storm events, and significantly reduce the economic burden on the community caused by flooding. The FIRM mapping revisions associated with the Levee will remove approximately 3,500 properties between the Wishkah and Hoquiam Rivers from the SFHA and place them into a Zone X, eliminating Federal flood insurance requirements on mortgages.

Design of the Fry Creek pump station to be built in conjunction with the North Shore Levee is being coordinated with the Fry Creek Restoration and Flood Reduction project.

The North Shore Levee project kicked off in conjunction with the Timberworks Coastal Resiliency Master Plan (Master Plan) that was developed in Aberdeen and Hoquiam in 2016. The Master Plan identified options for reducing flooding, improving public space, and improving habitat.

This project combines funding and conclusions from earlier, smaller projects to create a master project that will comprehensively protect the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam on the coast of Washington State. See past 2012 funding ($184,600 -- click herehere and here) and 2013-15 funding ($1,080,000 -- click here).

Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- Protects 3,500+ homes/properties assessed at over $480 million from the 100-year coastal flood event and removes them from the regulatory floodplain, eliminating currently mandated Federal flood insurance requirements on mortgages.

  • Apr 2016-Jul 2016 -- Aerial Survey, Bathymetric Survey, & Hydraulic Analysis
  • Jun 2016-Oct 2016 -- Alignment Analysis & Concept Design
  • Jul 2016-Feb 2017 -- Utility Survey, Geotechnical Exploration, Biological Evaluation, Community Outreach, & Preliminary Plans
  • Jul 2017-Oct 2017 -- CLOMR Submittal & FEMA Review
  • Oct 2017 -- CLOMR Issued by FEMA
  • Jan 2018-Jun 2022 -- Community Outreach, Final Design, & Permitting
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