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Aberdeen - North Shore Levee Project

Summary of the project
Last Updated: September 1, 2017

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Proposed 2017-2019 Funding -- $1,500,000 (pending state capital budget)

2015-17 Funding -- $988,000 (2/23/2016, click here)

Project Financials -- See separate project financials website here.

Description -- The North Shore Levee project combines funding and conclusions from earlier, smaller projects to create a master project that will comprehensively protect the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam on the coast of Washington State.  See past 2012 funding ($184,600 -- click herehere and here) and 2013-15 funding ($1,080,000 -- click here).

The first objective of this project is to produce a preliminary levee design for Aberdeen and Hoquiam and an associated binding CLOMR.  A CLOMR (Conditional Letter of Map Revision) is a legally-binding document guaranteeing that if a levee system is built as submitted to FEMA, and is in agreement with effective FEMA models and maps at the time of construction, it will result in a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the protected area. A CLOMR is the first step towards an eventual LOMR for removing areas of Aberdeen and Hoquiam from the floodplain and placing them in a mapped Zone X, eliminating mandatory flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program for mortgages while also providing comprehensive protection to frequently flooded areas. The Aberdeen-Hoquiam levee system will include a levee and interior drainage pump system as required by FEMA.  In addition, to account for potential future sea level rise, the levee design height will be increased wherever feasible.  The goal is to anticipate future conditions and maximize the lifespan of the levee, maximizing the value of the investment and benefit to the community.  Additionally, the Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam and the Levee Design Team will work proactively with local, state, and federal authorities to identify, understand, and document regulatory requirements for future construction and operation of the levee system.

This project is proposed to occur in conjunction with the Timberworks Coastal Resiliency Master Plan (Master Plan) that was kicked off in Aberdeen and Hoquiam in January 2016.  The Master Plan aims to identify options for reducing flooding, improving public space, and improving habitat.  The schedule of the North Shore Levee project has been coordinated with the Master Plan such that the two projects will be mutually beneficial.  The alignment of the levee will be coordinated through the Master Plan's public outreach and education process while data, modeling, analyses, and design required by the Code of Federal Regulations for a CLOMR application will be available to complement the Master Plan project.  See Coastal Resiliency Planning Fact Sheet here.

The project is an exciting opportunity to protect the citizens of Aberdeen, reduce the financial burden of flood insurance and reconnect the community to the historic Grays Harbor waterfront.
Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- Protects 2,700+ homes/properties and provides projected annual flood insurance savings of in excess of $2M.
Project Status -- On-Track, Underway

Schedule/Milestones -- Click here for more detailed proposed schedule.
  • Apr 2016-Jul 2016 -- Aerial Survey, Bathymetric Survey, & Hydraulic Analysis
  • Jun 2016-Oct 2016 -- Alignment Analysis & Concept Design
  • Jul 2016-Feb 2017 -- Utility Survey, Geotechnical Exploration, Biological Evaluation, Community                                   Outreach, & Preliminary Plans
  • Jul 2017-Oct 2017 -- CLOMR Submittal & FEMA Review
  • Nov 2017-Jun 2019 -- Community Outreach, Final Design, & Permitting
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