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Oakville - Oakville, GHC, WSDOT Flood Relief Analysis Project

Summary of the project
Last Updated: October 17, 2016
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2015-17 Funding -- Flood Authority authorized $55,000 at their 4/21/2016 meeting (see here) and interagency funding agreement was signed 5/09/2016 (see here).
Project Financials -- See separate project financials website here.
Description -- Oakville will collect data, geography and history on the constant flooding occurring in the area of East GHC, Oakville and WSDOT.  This information will be used to create a list of sound solutions mitigating personal suffering, infrastructure and property damage to public and private citizens and local entities.  There are six public roads that are directly affected by this flood issue.  The culverts are plugged and three of the aggregate road surfaces wash out. This analysis project will produce a short list of projects or project that will mitigate as many as possible of the flood affected areas.  The consequences of no action means more property damage and road reconstruction. 

Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- Project will benefit the Community through improved multi-jurisdictional management of flood waters.  Presently six public roads are directly affected by this flooding (culverts are plugged, three aggregate road surfaces wash out).  Three road closures occur 90% of the time per event resulting in two City roads and one County road being blocked to emergency equipment.  There are approx. 35 houses and 4 commercial businesses affected by these flood events as well. The historic frequency is about one to two events per year.  The consequences of no action means more property damage and road reconstruction.
Project Status -- On-Track, Underway.
  • March 2017 – Data collection complete.
  • June 2017 – Three mitigation project proposals developed, including engineered cost estimates and benefit calculations.
  • See detailed schedule in contractor's scope of work here.
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