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Lewis County - Adna Levee Project

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(2/25/2013) Update from Rob Lakey     4/12/2013

Phase I (Ditch Clearing and Mowing outside wetland areas) -- Lewis County advertised, opened and awarded Phase I to Balmelli Contracting Inc. on January 29, 2012.  Work items included Mobilization,  4.7 acres of Clearing and Roadside Cleanup and a Spill Prevention Plan.  The contractor has completed this work (4,200 linear feet of trail ditch cleared from Bunker Creek Road east to the beginning of wetland areas adjacent to the Trail).


Phase II (Culvert evaluation/replacement, channel evaluation/cleanout and levee low point slope protection) – Lewis County completed survey of the culverts, ditch line and other topographic features.  From the survey and clearing contract, it appears there are several high points in the ditch line that can be removed to improve drainage.  Lewis County will continue design for likely culvert upsizing at Dieckman Road, high point material removal within the ditch line, riprap/armoring low point levee slope protection and possible brush clearing and channel cleanout further to the east.

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