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Grays Harbor County - Elma-Porter Flood Mitigation Project

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Kick-Off Meeting at Sharon Grange     5/15/2014

A kick-off meeting was held at the Sharon Grange 5/01/2014.  See consultant presentation here.

Flooding Areas Identified for Potential Evaluation/Analysis:
1) areas of Elma to the north of US 12
2) areas upstream of Wakefield Road
3) areas near the swale along Dunlap Road
4) areas upstream of Porter Creek Road which may be affected by the Dunlap road fill
5) areas near a small split flow path on the left floodplain near Porter Creek Road 

Possible Solutions Identified for Potential Evaluation/Analysis (in addition to Wakefield Road Overflow Bridge):
1) flap gates on culverts under US 12 north of Wakefield Road
2) sediment removal (bar scalping) in the channel, particularly downstream of Wakefield Road bridge
3) deep draft dredging of the entire channel
4) opening up the flow path under Dunlap Road - back to it's condition prior to work done by the County to put in a new culvert
5) adding capacity to the overflow bridge at Porter Creek Road
6) adding a small culvert to the west of the overflow bridge to eliminate ponding U/S of Porter Creek Road in the secondary flow path

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