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Grays Harbor County - Elma-Porter Flood Mitigation Project

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1/13/2015  -  Project Discontinued   
Project has been discontinued due to lack of acceptable cost/benefit.  See Board of County Commissioners decision here.  See news article here.  Approximately $480,000 in unspent funds will be returned to OFM for reassignment elsewhere.
Presentation from 10/23/2014 mtg added to Library.  See here.10/16/2014 Model Results added to Library.  See here.
8/25/2014  -  Update from Larry Karpack (WSE)   
WSE continued development and calibration of the SRH-2D hydraulic model of the study reach.  Additional topographic and bathymetric data were prepared and the conceptual model (nodes, elements, breaklines, roughness, etc.) was configured.  Flood photos and high watermarks were reviewed and WSE contacted and met with landowners along the studyreach to discuss historic flood conditions and potential solution alternatives.  Calibration of the model to low-flow (4,000 cfs) and...
7/13/2014  -  Update from Russ Esses   
Bathymetric survey of the Chehalis River channel from downstream of the Wakefield Road Bridge to approximately 1.5 miles upstream of the Porter Creek Road Bridge has been completed.Public meeting was held May 1, 2014.  Click here for presentation.Hydraulic model is presently under development with initial results due in July/August to be followed by another public meeting.
5/15/2014  -  Kick-Off Meeting at Sharon Grange   
A kick-off meeting was held at the Sharon Grange 5/01/2014.  See consultant presentation here.Flooding Areas Identified for Potential Evaluation/Analysis:1) areas of Elma to the north of US 122) areas upstream of Wakefield Road3) areas near the swale along Dunlap Road4) areas upstream of Porter Creek Road which may be affected by the Dunlap road fill5) areas near a small split flow path on the left floodplain near Porter Creek Road Possible Solutions Identified for Potential...
3/19/2014  -  Project Update from Russ Esses   
Grays Harbor County has selected Watershed Science and Engineering (see here). We are currently working on a scope of work and a contract for this flood mitigation project.
2/18/2014  -  Project Update from Russ Esses   
Currently advertising for consultant services to design the bridge extension, do flood modeling and to study alternative flood reduction projects in the Elma – Porter area.  See RFQ here.
2/7/2014  -  Project Files and Photos   
Project files and photos have been added to site Library -- Click here.
1/30/2014  -  Project Update from Russ Esses   
1/27/2014 -- Grays Harbor County Commissioners signed an inter-local agreement with OFM to accomplish the proposed scope of work.  Click here to see proposed scope of work.  Awaiting corresponding signature from OFM for "fully executed" agreement.1/29/2014 -- An proposed RFQ to secure contractor assistance has been prepared and will be published next week.  Click here to see proposed RFQ.
1/8/2014  -  Project/Schedule Update   
Initial project website has been built and populated with photos, content and a library.Funding agreement for 2013-15 State Capital Budget funds ($584,000) is pending.Click here for completed scope of work.
11/19/2013  -  Project Update   
Initial project website has been built and populated with photos, content and a library.  Project is presently awaiting funding agreement ($584,000) and project schedule.  Click here for completed scope of work.
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