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Bucoda - Main Street Regrade Project

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Update from Scott Severs     3/16/2016

Activities and tasks completed to date:

  • Prepare options exhibits and present options to the Town of Bucoda.
  • Prepare for and conduct Public Information Meeting with residents.
  • Research and prepare Rights of Entry Easement Documents for affected property owners.
  • Topographic Survey within Rights-of-Way.
  • Completed Geotechnical field investigations and 90 percent draft of the Geotechnical Report. (See Attached).

Upcoming activities and tasks (near-term):

  • Continue efforts to obtain Rights-of-Entry easements for data collection.
  • Run hydraulic models.
  • Complete topographic survey on private properties.
  • Prepare environmental and biological documents.
  • Prepare Design Memorandum. Prepare 30 percent design.

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