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Bucoda - Main Street Regrade Project

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10/19/2016  -  Update from Scott Boettcher   
Main Street Regrade Project will be closed as originally proposed due to cost, scale, and other issues.  Some unspent monies will be used for a feasibility study (subject to Flood Authority approval at 10-20-2016 meeting) regarding viability of a emergency bypass road out of the northerly end of town.  Remaining unspent monies will be returned (~$2.9M).  See feasibility proposal here.
9/13/2016  -  Update from Steve Willie   
Project is "on-hold" pending a decision by the Flood Authority as to whether or not to take the existing 30% plan (P.S. &E.) to a 90% milestone and/or to pursue altogether new alternatives to the existing project (as currently scoped).
See JWM&A recent (8-25-2016) progress report update here.
See JWM&A presentation (7-21-2016) to the Flood Authority here.
7/20/2016  -  Update from Steve Willie   
Project is at 30% design.
30% design cost estimate projects full construction cost in excess of $8M (formerly $3M).
Project will be reviewed and discussed at 7/21/2016 Flood Authority meeting in light of this new cost projection.
High level schedule items have been changed to TBD pending direction from 7/21/2016 Flood Authority Meeting.
See Scope Change Memo --> Click here.
See 30% Design (design drawings) --> Click here.
See 30% Design (cost estimate) --> Click here.
5/18/2016  -  Update from Steve Willie   

See recent Progress Update here.

Few notes:

Height of fill is now estimated to be 4-6 feet, then 8-10 feet at the culverts themselves.
WSDOT defines the series of culverts as a bridge structure, so we are using the term bridge and culverts interchangeably.
Final design will not be completed this month (we are not quite to 30% for the reasons mentioned in the above Progress Update).

3/16/2016  -  Update from Scott Severs   
Activities and tasks completed to date:

Prepare options exhibits and present options to the Town of Bucoda.
Prepare for and conduct Public Information Meeting with residents.
Research and prepare Rights of Entry Easement Documents for affected property owners.
Topographic Survey within Rights-of-Way.
Completed Geotechnical field investigations and 90 percent draft of the Geotechnical Report. (See Attached).

Upcoming activities and tasks (near-term):

Continue efforts to obtain...
1/18/2016  -  Update from Mayor Carr   
Project updates include:
1.  Town of Bucoda signed an agreement with JWM&A on 12/22/2015 to provide design, bid and construction management services (see here).
2.  Bucoda and JWM&A are working on:

a notice to all Town residents to attend a Town meeting to talk about the project.
documents necessary for property easements.
12/17/2015  -  Update from Mayor Carr   
The following schedule updates are based on the best information available right now:

Project Planning Meeting with Stakeholders: January, 2016.
Presentation and Discussions of Options and Costs: February, 2016.
Client Selection of Option Used to Prepare 30% Plans: February 2016.
Design Memorandum of the Selected Option: March, 2016.
Preliminary Survey and Boundary Work: March, 2016.
Begin Property Owner Negotiations: March, 2016.
Write Legal Descriptions for Acquisitions: April,...
11/20/2015  -  Town Selects JWM&A as Engineering Firm   
On November 10, 2015, the Town of Bucoda selected JWM&A as the engineering firm for the Main Street Regrade Project.  Read more here.
Added a link to the Llibrary of a WSE update of Bucoda floodplain mapping done in June 2015.  See here.
Read More and Download Here
10/13/2015  -  Project Website Set-Up   
Project website for the Mainstreet Regrade Project has been launched.
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