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Grays Harbor County - Wishkah Road Comprehensive Flood Study Project

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Update from Rob Wilson     1/12/2017


 From Larry Karpack (Watershed Science & Engineering):

 "Baseline hydraulic modeling and analysis has been completed and inundation frequency-depth-duration data have been produced for seven problem areas along Wishkah Road.  Preliminary estimates of the economic impact  of road closures have been developed and are being used to determine if there are potentially feasible flood reduction projects.  A tide water level gage was installed near Baretich Road to provide observations of future water levels for model verification and other purposes.  The scope for Phase 2 of the Comprehensive Study is currently being refined."

 See above described tidal gage installation here and here.


 From Scott Boettcher (Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority):

A "Lower Basin Information Sharing Session" was held 12-06-2016 at the Department of Ecology.  Presentations from the sharing session can be found here.

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