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Franklin County Comprehensive Plan Update Project

Non-Action Public Hearing
Virtual (See agenda for details)

A video of the meeting is avaiable online here:  Franklin County WA Planning Commission Meeting Dec. 22, 2020 W/ Corrected Audio   


 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there has been proposed to the Franklin County Planning Commission an application by the City of Pasco, WA, for a request to expand the City’s Urban Growth Area (UGA), under Franklin County file # CPA 2018-03, as part of the City’s required 10-Year Comp Plan Update.

 CPA 2018-03 has been significantly amended since the original application was submitted and remanded back to the City for additional work. The City of Pasco, based on the results of an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) that provided three (3) alternatives (No Change, Alternative #2 – proposing a UGA increase of approximately 4,800 acres, and Alternative #3 reducing the originally proposed UGA expansion from approximately 4,800 acres to approximately 3,488 acres), has adopted Alternative #3 as its preferred alternative. 


This is a non-specific site application, applying to multiple parcels within Franklin County. The general boundaries of the proposed UGA expansion are as follows: North of Dent Rd., south of Selph-Landing Rd., and west of Columbia River Rd.; then east of Columbia River Rd., south of Fanning Rd., north of Burns Rd., west of Road 52 North alignment; a section of industrial zoned land between Hwy 395 and Railroad Rd., north of the Clark Rd. east alignment and south of the Fanning Rd. east alignment; and a parcel of land bounded to the west by Capital Ave., and south of Foster Wells Rd.

 NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Franklin County Planning Commission will be holding a non-action public hearing on December 22, 2020 at 6:30 PM. Due to the Covid-19 emergency declaration, the public may not attend in person. Written comments are due by 4:30 pm December 21, 2020, and all comments received by said due date, or as heard at the hearing, will be included in the record to be provided to the Planning Commission. Parties desiring to provide oral comment at the hearing will need to pre-register, as provided below. Further information on how to participate in the meeting is provided through the link, provided below. All concerned may phone in and provide comment on the proposal during the public hearing portion of the meeting.

 HOW TO ATTEND VIRTUAL MEETING: To participate in meeting, you will have to pre-register by phone at 509-545-3521 or email at planninginquiry@co.franklin.wa.us before end of business day (4:00 PM) December 18, 2020. WebEx invitations will be sent out through email December 21, 2021 by 4:00 PM. You can watch the proceedings on YouTube Live, by going to the Franklin County, WA agenda page at

https://www.co.franklin.wa.us/planning/agenda.html. There you can access the virtual agenda with the YouTube Live link. Virtual agendas will be posted by the Friday before said meeting date.    

 Information concerning the proposal can be obtained by email at planninginquiry@co.franklin.wa.us or by calling (509) 545-3521.