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Franklin County Comprehensive Plan Update Project

Summary of the project


Franklin County is conducting a periodic update of its Comprehensive Plan in accordance with the state's Growth Management Act (GMA).

The County's Comprehensive Plan is an expression of the County's values and priorities.  The Comprehensive Plan provides a 20-year vision for how the citizens of the community want their County to look and to function.  The County first adopted a Comprehensive Plan in the 1970s.  After the passage of the Growth Management Act (GMA), the County adopted a Comprehensive Plan to address the elements required by the GMA in 1995.  The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted the current version of the Comprehensive Plan in 2008, and has amended that document a few times since. 

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  • Franklin County is continuing to make progress toward the requirement for a mandatory update ("Periodic update") to the Comprehensive Plan.  In June the Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution 2018-197 to document progress toward the completion of this important work.
  • The City of Connell and the City of Pasco have both submitted requests for expansions to their Urban Growth Areas.  The City of Connell request is for the addition of approximately 80 acres of land to be designated as Industrial.  The City of Pasco has requested an expansion of approximately 4,855 acres which would be designated as: Low Density Residential, Mixed Residential, Industrial, Commercial and a classification known as Airport Reserve 2.  The applications are posted on this website, under the tab "UGA Applications."
  • County review of the UGA applications is on hold.  The Cities will be supplementing their requests with further information and documentation.

We invite you to be involved in this important update process.

Citizen involvement is an important component of this project.  This project website is designed to provide up-to-date information on the project and provide documents and materials for citizen comments and review.  

Upcoming events (such as Planning Commission workshops or hearings) are listed on the "Events" tab.

Please use one of the following forms to provide your feedback, or email planning@co.franklin.wa.us with "Comprehensive Plan comments" in the subject line.

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December 4, 2018 Meeting

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