Periodic 2013-15 State Capital Budget Implementation Updates

Periodic Capital Budget Implementation Updates -- click here.


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2013-15 State Capital Budget Appropriation
NEW SECTION. Sec. 1084. FOR THE OFFICE OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Catastrophic Flood Relief (20084850)

The appropriation in this section is subject to the following conditions and limitations:

(1)     Up to $9,200,000 of the appropriation is for design alternatives for large capital flood damage reduction projects, including basin-level water retention and Interstate 5 protection projects.

(2)     Up to $15,092,000 of the appropriation is for construction of priority local flood protection projects, including multipurpose projects that reduce flood damage and benefit fish habitat.

(3)     Up to $1,750,000 of the appropriation is for projects to reduce damage to residential and other structures in the floodplain, through flood proofing and buyouts.

(4)     Up to $2,160,000 of the appropriation is for state agency technical assistance, stakeholder project management, project support, and coordination.


Background: Proposed 2013-15 State Capital Budget
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  • 01/21/2013 Worksession before the Senate Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development Committee -- click here.

  • 11/09/2012 Background and Supporting Flood Authority Documentation (Tier I and Tier II projects) -- click here.


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