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Aberdeen - Southside Dike/Levee Certification Project

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1/14/2017  -  Update from Kris Koski   
 Schedule/Milestones and 2015-17 Funding have been updated.  See here.
10/17/2016  -  Update from Kris Koski   
Current project is on track and will be completed by 7/01/2017.
9/12/2016  -  Update from Kris Koski   
Landau is on task to provide detailedinformation to Aberdeen on work completed to date.Aberdeen will update remaining work that needs to be done to complete the project (whichincludes a survey and possibly repairs made by city crews if determinednecessary by the survey).Aberdeen is seeking an additional $21K to complete the project.
7/20/2016  -  Update from Kris Koski   
No substantive updates to report.
4/20/2016  -  Update from Kris Koski   
Updated contact information.
3/13/2016  -  Update from Rick Sangder   
Upcoming:DRAFT Levee Certification Report will be updated to reflect design standards (e.g., freeboard elevation) accepted by FEMA in recently issued CLOMR for the North Shore Levee Project.See DRAFT Report (here).See North Shore Levee Project CLOMR (here).Project is on-track.
8/28/2015  -  Update from Malcolm Bowie   
Southside levee is very close for submittal to FEMA with submittal anticipated September 2015.
7/14/2014  -  Update from Malcolm Bowie   
Certification process is about 60% complete.
3/19/2014  -  Update Pending   
Update for March 20, 2014 Flood Authority meeting pending.
1/13/2014  -  Project Update from Malcolm Bowie   
Initial field investigations for dike recertification have been completed by Landau (consultant hired by Aberdeen).
11/20/2013  -  Project Update   
Consultant schedule and scope of work has been finalized and Landau hired to remedy/resolve FEMA recertification findings.Landau presently in data accumulation stage.
9/18/2013  -  Update from Malcolm Bowie   
Schedule and Scope of Work for Landau and Associates will be finalized by the end of September 2013.
"We just  heard today from FEMA that the city flood certification documentation is inadequate so we  are targeting having a consultant selected by the end of the month."
4/17/2013  -  Update from Malcolm Bowie   
The City has received consultant proposals, but is awaiting FEMA response to City's submitted dike certification report.
4/8/2013  -  3/11/2013 Update from Malcolm Bowie   
The Southside levee recertification documentation has been sent to FEMA.  We await the Corp and FEMA's determination.  The agencies may approve or have recommendations.  Concurrently the city has received statements of qualification for potential levee certification consultants to be selected once we get FEMA and the Corps results.
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