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11/16/2015  -  Update from Michelle Cramer   
The assessments and studies for the Lower Satsop River Restoration Project have been completed and a preferred alternative selected.  These include geomorphic and hydraulic assessments,wetland delineation, cultural resources study and an amphibian survey.  WDFW will brief the regulatory agencies on November 17, 2015 and stakeholders in early January.  WDFW is seeking funds to take the design from 60% to final and for construction.
1/14/2015  -  Update from Michelle Cramer   
·       To date, the following has occurred:o  Completed extensive 2D hydraulic modeling.o  Developed and analyzed a suite of alternatives.o  Held two stakeholder meetings.o  Met individually with key stakeholders.o  Drafted conceptual designs. ·       Wetlands delineation, fish survey and cultural resources study will be completed by the end of February...
10/23/2014  -  Update from WDFW   
Here are materials from 10/16/2014 meeting held at the Brady Fire Hall:October 16th meeting presentation -- Click here.Project alternatives handout -- Click here.Stakeholder survey -- Click here.Stakeholder surveys are due 10/28/2014 by email or regular mail to:Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeAttention:  Doris Small, Habitat600 Capitol Way NorthOlympia, WA  98501Doris Small, Fish and Wildlife Habitat Biologistdoris.small@dfw.wa.gov; (360) 902-2258Michelle...
10/14/2014  -  Update from Doris Small   
Public mtg to be held 10/16/2014 -- Click here. 
7/16/2014  -  Update from Michelle Cramer   
Project is proceeding on schedule.Meeting is scheduled between WDFW and WSE to finalize alternatives for analysis on July 17.Public meeting will be scheduled in September 2014 to discuss alternatives and results from the alternatives analysis.
6/10/2014  -  Update from Michelle Cramer   
Following the stakeholder meeting on March 25, 2014, WDFW met with the consultant, Watershed Science and Engineering (WSE), to develop an initial draft list of possible project alternatives.  Individual restoration/protection elements are being packaged into discrete alternatives along with graphics illustrating the various alternatives.  A meeting is scheduled mid-June 2014 between WDFW and WSE to review the draft alternatives and qualitatively assess and refine how the alternatives...
3/31/2014  -  Project Update from Michelle Cramer   
Meeting minutes from 3-25-2014 stakeholder meeting have been uploaded to Library.Click here to access meeting minutes directly.
3/19/2014  -  Project Update from Michelle Cramer   
Contract has been signed between WDFW and Watershed Science and Engineering.Stakeholder kick-off meeting has been scheduled for March 25th.  Click here for invite.Local landowners, County, Port and WDFW will be invited to attend.Initial goals, objectives and alternatives have been drafted and will be shared at the stakeholder’s meeting for input.Several days of survey have been completed.
January 2014 -- The contract has been signed between OFM and WDFW to work on the Satsop River project.January 2014 -- A contract to hire Watershed Science and Engineering to perform hydraulic analysis, alternatives analysis, stakeholder outreach, and design assistance is in process.February 2014 -- A meeting with WDFW’s region 6 wildlife area manager and staff has been scheduled for February 10, 2014 to brief WDFW on the project and solicit input.March 2014 -- Will set up a meeting with...
11/19/2013  -  Project Update   
Flood Authority approved (10/17/2012) moving a WDFW Phase II project forward with remaining 2012 Jobs Now Act $.  Click here.Funding approval form has been completed and signed by the Flood Authority.  Signature by the Chehalis Tribe is pending.
9/18/2013  -  Project Update   
WDFW is interested in being project sponsor and will prepare for the Flood Authority's consideration at their October 17, 2013 meeting a proposed scope of work for a project within the floodplain area.  Scope of work will be prepared using the 2012 Jobs Now Act funding form.
8/12/2013  -  Final Report; Commission Action   
Final report (6/28/2013) was issued (click here); Grays Harbor County Commission took action on 7/08/2013 (click here).
6/3/2013  -  Uploaded Historical Aerial Photos   
Uploaded several historical aerial photos dating from 1941 to 2011 showing various meander configurations of the Satsop River over time.  See Photos in Library here.
5/14/2013  -  Latest update   
Added new documents to Library. See Library here.See latest Status Update here too.
4/18/2013  -  (3/11/2013) -- Update from Russ Esses   
We are currently gathering data for the Wishkah Project and running hydraulic models for the Satsop River Project. To date we see no issues that could jeopardize the schedule or completion of both of these studies. We plan on using all the monies provided to the county by July 1,2013. No conclusions or recommendations have been made by our consultants at this time.  See WSE progress update (click here).
4/18/2013  -  Update from Russ Esses   
We are currently on schedule.  Thanks.   Russ.(Click here for latest progress report.)
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