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Lewis County - Airport Levee Project

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7/15/2014  -  Update from Tim Elsea   
Due to favorable weather in June, Phase 1A has been completed.Final inspection and punch list planned for later this week.
6/18/2014  -  Project Update   
Construction began July 22, 2013.To date, approximately 80% of work is complete.The majority of the project is nearly complete with36,000 CY of fill material placed (41,000 CY originally planned for Phase 1A).Levee construction will likely resume by July 2014 whenconditions are dry and warm.There are 25 working days remaining for the completionof Phase IA construction.
3/19/2014  -  Update from Rod Lakey   
Lewis County and WSDOT are discussing transferring Phase IB to WSDOT as WSDOT is interested in incorporating the airport levee into the set of solutions (alternatives) it is evaluating to protect I-5.
2/18/2014  -  Project Update   
Status same as reported in 1/09/2014 project update.
1/9/2014  -  Project/Schedule Update   
Phase IA (Improvements not affecting jurisdictional wetlands inside levee) -- Construction suspended until Summer 2014 (dry weather).Phase IB (Improvements associated within Corps jurisdiction) -- Work to be performed in Summer 2014.  OFM contract extended until December 31, 2014.
11/19/2013  -  Project Update   
Construction began July 22, 2013.Approximately 80% of work is complete with 36,000 out of 41,000 CY of fill material having been placed.Project has experienced several unworkable days due to rain showers and wet sub-grade following rain days.Current and anticipated weather requires a construction shutdown until conditions improve for common borrow placement.See recent project update letter from Tim Elsea to the Flood Authority -- Click here.
10/15/2013  -  Project Update   
See recent project update letter from Tim Elsea to the Flood Authority -- click here.
9/6/2013  -  Updated Schedule.   
Updated schedule per Rod Lakey email of 9/04/2013.  
7/28/2013  -  Updated Schedule   
Updated schedule per Rod Lakey.  All current as of 7/28/2013.
5/13/2013  -  (5/09/2013) Update from Rod Lakey   
Update from Rod LakeySix contractor bids were received for Phase IA.  All contractor bids exceeded funds available for Phase IA.  Lewis County is now working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to see if a less costly fill specification is available that would enable Lewis County to still seek levee certification.  If the fill specification can be changed the project will need to be re-bid; if not then a funding increase will be required.
4/14/2013  -  (1/23/2013) Update from Tim Elsea   
Lewis County has completed the surveying, has a 90% design, and has consulted with the Corps of Engineers to ensure all previous Section 106 reports have been given to the Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. We are working with Rob Whitlam from DAHP. We have had the wetlands delineated and have been able to eliminate any impacts to jurisdictional wetlands in the first phase of construction. Our biologist is in contact with the city of Chehalis’ Community...
4/14/2013  -  (2/25/2013) Update from Rob Lakey   
Phase IA (Base Widening without Corps wetland/waterway jurisdictional impact) – Base widening along the entire levee can be widened without impact to Corps jurisdictional waterways (manmade ditch) along the inside of the levee.  However, the top width (33-ft typical width for future 100-yr) will narrow to 24-ft in some areas to avoid ditch impacts.  Phase IA plans are permit ready and will be submitted for SEPA review this week.  Lewis County has contracted with SWCA for...
4/14/2013  -  (3/13/2013) Update from Tim Elsea   
Due to preliminary design assumptions made prior to grant submittal, the original construction timeline is not realistic (complete by June 30, 2013).  Environmental permitting issues and planned Phase IB work fall within the Corps jurisdiction where permit approval is typically very lengthy.  To achieve the desired outcome of base widening to accommodate a future height addition (33-ft top width required), this project will span two summer construction seasons (Phase IA in 2013 and...
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