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Yacolt Wastewater Project

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5/24/2012  -  Town Hall Meeting   
At the Town Hall meeting scheduled for June 4th at 7 PM the Draft Facility Plan will be revied by the Town Council.  The draft Plan is available in the documents section of this website and available at Town Hall for review.
3/26/2012  -  Facility Plan Meeting  (Open Public Meeting) 
Kennedy and Jenks Consultants will be on hand to answer any questions about the proposed Sewer Facility Plan.  Yacolt Primary School, 7 PM.
2/27/2012  -  Facility Plan Meeting  (Open Public Meeting) 
The Town of Yacolt will hold an Open Public Meeting at the Yacolt Primary School on February 27th at 7 PM to discuss General Sewer Plan/Facilities Plan.  Kennedy/Jenks will be there to present the most recent updates and how to move forward.  If you have any questions please call 360-686-3922.
10/19/2011  -  Update #2   
There will be a presentation at the IACC 2011 conference from 3:50 to 4:50 about iPRMT and the Town of Yacolt's use of iPRMT to improve the transparency of their wastewater collection and treatment plans/efforts/requirements.  See conference program at http://www.infrafunding.wa.gov/downloads/2011%20IACC%20Conference%20Registration.pdf for more information.
10/18/2011  -  Update #1   
There will be a presentation at IACC Board Meeting on 10/18/2011 and then the IACC conference on 10/19/2011.  The Yacolt iPRMT Website will be shown as an example of tool that could be used to support IACC Tech Teams.  The following links provide more information -- IACC Board Meeting and IACC Conference Agenda.
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