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Yacolt Wastewater Project

Summary of the project


Project Description:

The Town of Yacolt has a plan in place in the event it becomes necessary for a sanitary sewer system.  This report (GSP) is based on the Clark County Comprehensive Plan Update-2004 (adopted 2007).  Yacolt has prepared this Comprehensive General Sewer Plan for submittal and approval as a necessary step in order to move forward with urban development within the Town.  In accordance with Revised Code of Washington(RCW) 90.48.110 and Washington Administrative Code(WAC) 173.240, this document meets all of the requirements for approval by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The Town of Yacolt is a community of 1,470 (2008 projection by Washington State Office of Financial Management) located in North-Central Clark County Washington.  Located within a valley in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, Yacolt is currently served by septic systems for its wastewater needs.  The Town's Urban Growth Area(UGA) makes up approximately one third of the valley.  While Yacolt is currently served by septic systems, there are concerns that groundwater recharge by these septic systems may result in an eventual negative impact to groundwater and area wells.  Yacolt has required the modification of installations of septic systems for all new or repaired septic systems.


Project Location:

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Project History:
Date Description Document
09/25/2009 MOU to Develop the Structure for a Regional Wastewater Entity. MOU
12/1999 Yacolt Wastewater Management Project Citizens Advisory Committee Wastewater Feasibility / Engineering Report
02/1997 Yacolt Sewer Feasibility Study Study (Part 1)     Study (Part 2)
01/1996 Yacolt Hydrogeologic Study Study (Part 1)     Study (Part 2)



Date Description Document
10/21/2011 Updated Project Schedule Facility Plan Schedule
08/12/2011 Updated Project Schedule Facility Plan Schedule
01/01/2012 Yacolt's Public Outreach Program for Sewer System Planning Program



Yacolt, as a small community, will need to explore all available opportunities to fund their wastewater improvements.  Yacolt may qualify as both a rural area and as a low income area.  Public grant and loan funding will be a necessity for meeting the above schedule.  Expeditious review and approval of planning documents by Ecology will support the application process for public funding.
Date Description Document
03/29/2010 Public Works Trust Fund Loan
10/07/2009 Selection of Engineering Firm Notice
05/19/2009 Sewer Coalition Funding Letter
07/25/2008 Completion of Loan Final


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