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Cosmopolis - Mill Creek Dam Improvement Project

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10/17/2016  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
Project website is up to date.We will not be able to start in water work until June 1, 2017.
9/14/2016  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
Water Quality Certification from WA Department of Ecology has recently been issued.  This is one of the most important pieces of the permit process. The rest of the engineering and design process remains on time and on schedule.  See WA Department of Ecology Water Quality Certification permit here.
7/20/2016  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
City has applied for the water rights and reservoir permit from Department of Ecology.Work continues on schedule for final engineering and design.
5/18/2016  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
We are working on final engineering and design.We signed Amendment with RCO for additional $350,000 for Fish Monitoring during and post construction.
3/14/2016  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
Project personnel will be meeting in Olympia on Thursday March 17th with HDR and WDFWto discuss HPA permitting and the Fish Passage design plan.Project personnel previously met with the same partiesat the project site on February 17th to discuss the same items.
1/18/2016  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
Not significant Project updates this month.Additional photos added starting here.
12/17/2015  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
On December 1, 2015, the Task #4 Agreement with HDR Engineering was approved to begin final Engineering and Design.On December 14, 2015, Geotechnical Drilling was started to gather additional information on soil types, bed rock depths, and seepage determination.  See pictures here of recent drilling.
5/11/2015  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
Engineer's Report and related Appendices have been uploaded to the Project Library.Click here for Engineer's Report.Click here for Appendix F (Environmental & Permitting Documents).
1/13/2015  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
·       Project schedule has been updated.·       The budget is 67% complete.·       For construction in 2016 the fish window for in‑waterwork is assumed to be June 1 to September 30.·       New schedule is:o  November 2015 to October 2016 -- Pending funding.  Task Order 5 "Bidding and Construction.o  March 2015 to October 2015 --...
7/14/2014  -  Update from Darrin Raines   
Project timeline has been adjusted.New timeline is as follows:November 2015 to May 2016 -- Pending funding.  Bidding and Construction.March 2015 to October 2015 -- Pending funding.  Task Order 4 “Final Design and Permitting.”January 2014 to September 2014 -- Engineer's Report and Long-Lead Permit Application.
3/19/2014  -  Project Update   
Update for March 20, 2014 Flood Authority meeting pending.
2/18/2014  -  Project Update   
Several updates to schedule and library.Working on Engineer's Report now as part of Task 3.
1/13/2014  -  Project Update from Darrin Raines   
Task Order 3 was approved at the December 18, 2013 City Council meeting.Task Order 2.0 and 2.1 findings were issued November 23, 2014 (click here).
11/6/2013  -  Project Update   
HDR is proceeding with Task 2.1 -- geotechnical exploration, environmental work, and surveying.  Click here for Task 2.1.
9/18/2013  -  Project Update   
Meeting notes from July 2013 meeting with WDFW have been added to the library and are also accessible here.City and HDR will be meeting with Ecology's Dam Safety Office on Wed, September 18, 2013 at the project location.
7/16/2013  -  Update From Darrin Raines   
"The funding for this project was recently approved in the capital budget passed at the end of June. The City has hired HDR Engineering to complete task order #2, (see here). Our first meeting with WDFW is this Thursday July 18th to discuss any concerns they may have for the replacement of the Dam.  Additional meetings will be held in the next two months with the DOE Dam Safety Office, Corps of Engineers, and FEMA."  [Note: Click here for meeting notes from 7/18/2013 meeting with...
6/17/2013  -  06/17/2013 Update   
Project website has been built and populated with photos, content and a library.  Library contains DRAFT Multi-Objective Plan as well photos.  Project is presently awaiting funding ($2,250,000).
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