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Minter Creek Watershed Strategies for Kitsap and Pierce Counties

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3/19/2014  -  January 29, 2014 meeting   
The group met for the final time to review and finalize the report back to Kitsap and Pierce Counties. The final report is posted on this web site under Library/Documents.
12/23/2013  -  December 11 meeting   
The Watershed Strategies group met for the fourth time to review conflicts and strategies, and to refine them for recommendations to Pierce and Kitsap Counties. A draft meeting summary is out to the group for review and comment. To see the draft meeting summary, click on Library and then Documents.
12/4/2013  -  Results of November 21 meeting   
The Minter Creek Watershed Strategies group met for the third time on November 21 in Port Orchard to further explore potential conflicts between future land uses that they would like to see in the watershed. They then began brainstorming strategies for how to address those conflicts. For a summary of the meeting and handouts, click on the Library tab and then Documents.
11/13/2013  -  Results of October 30 meeting   
The watershed strategies group met for a second time on October 30.  They mapped what they like about the area, and what future land uses they would like to see.  Additional input from business owners who were not able to attend was provided in a November 7 meeting.  For a summary of the meetings, go to the Library tab above and then click on Documents.
10/14/2013  -  Results of September 25 meeting   
The Minter Creek Watershed Strategies group met for the first time on September 25 to talk about what they liked about Minter Creek and future land uses.  For a summary of the meeting, go to the Library tab above and then click on Documents.
9/5/2013  -  Results of August 27 Open House   
Approximately 30 people attended the Minter Creek Watershed Strategies open house at Gateway Park on the Key Peninsula.  County staff were on hand to talk about existing zoning in the watershed and water quality issues and efforts.  Attendees were invited to participate in a group to talk about future land uses in the watershed.  Click on Library above to view a summary of participant comments.  Click on Events for more information about the first stakeholder meeting on...
7/31/2013  -  Minter Creek Public Open House   
State Partnering With Local Counties to Improve Minter Creek Watershed: Information Open House August 27, 2013The Washington State Department of Commerce, with funding from the National Estuary Program, is partnering with Kitsap and Pierce Counties to address regional planning for the Minter Creek watershed basin. The purpose of this effort is to look at land use within the watershed basin, and provide recommendations for upcoming Comprehensive Plan updates. This is part of the counties’...
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