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Pacific County
Shoreline Master Program Update

Summary of the project

 Welcome to the Pacific County Shoreline Master Program Website

Pacific County is now updating its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) as required under the Shoreline Management Act (SMA). The county is providing this website as your one-stop information resource about the project. You can stay actively involved in the SMP update process by visiting this site frequently.

 There are six sections to this website:

  • This is the Overview page. It provides instructions on how to use the site and introductory information about the county’s SMP update process.

  • Updates provide a running inventory of any new materials posted on this website.

  • Contacts contain telephone and email information for reaching county staff and project consultants if you have questions. You can also sign up for email notification about news regarding the project.

  • Events list upcoming meetings, workshops, and open house events related to the project. This page also includes periodic on-line surveys conducted by the county to listen to your opinion about important shoreline issues.

  • Library makes available project documents and maps.

  • Links will take you to other websites that provide additional information about the Shoreline Management Act and preparing Shoreline Master Programs in general.

Do you want information about the Shoreline Management Act, Shoreline Master Programs, and the update process?

Check out these informational handouts by clicking the links below.

  • What is the Shoreline Management Act?

  • What is a Shoreline Master Program and why does it need updating?

  • How will Pacific County update the Shoreline Master Program?

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