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Shoreline Master Program Update

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3/27/2023  -  The SMP Draft Document will be Reviewed for Adoption by City Council   ((Materials for Final Adoption Package now Available)) 
The Montesano City Council will hold two meetings to review the SMP Draft Document and related Materials prior to considering an Ordinance for legislative action (Adoption) which is expected in May:
Tuesday April 11, 2023 - Introduction by Public Works / Community Development Director Mike Olden (Materials will be distributed at or prior to this meeting)
Tuesday April 25, 2023 - Presentation to Council by AHBL Planner Nicole Stickney (Likely via zoom)
The following items are now...
The Planning Commisison will hold the joint public hearing (with Ecology) next week.  Details here.
8/30/2022  -  A draft SMP Update Document is Available for Viewing  (Comments and Questions are Welcome) 
We have added the following items to this site: Draft SMP Periodic Update document (includes revised map and proposed edits shown in Tracked changes), Update checklist.
8/30/2022  -  Public Notice - SMP PERIODIC REVIEW  (Notice of proposed update, public hearing, comment period, etc.) 
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Montesano is proposing to update the City’s adopted Shoreline Master Program.  The City and the Washington Dept. of Ecology (Ecology) are accepting comments on a periodic review in accordance with RCW 90.58.080(4) and pursuant to the joint review process set forth in WAC 173-26-104.  The city has prepared draft Shoreline Master Program (SMP) amendments to be consistent with...
8/30/2022  -  Revised DNS Issued  (State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)) 
Under the State Environmental Policy Act  (SEPA), environmental review was conducted on the proposal and a Revised Determination of Non-significance (DNS) was issued on August 25, 2022.  There is no comment period.
3/15/2022  -  Welcome to the Montesano SMP Update Project Page  (New Materials Added) 
The City’s SMP Update website has started and the following items have been added: overview text, city and consultant staff contacts, and links to the city of Montesano and Ecology websites. In the Library, the following has been posted: the Washington State Department of Ecology background materials on the SMP update process, the Public Participation Plan for the SMP process, the 1992 Amended SMP, and supporting documents.
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