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Dayton - Historic Preservation Code and Process Project 2016

Summary of the project


  • Adopt Historic Preservation Code amendments consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and with wide support by stakeholders (individual and district property owners, DAHP, DHPC, DPC, city staff and community groups).
  • Eliminate inconsistencies with City Policy within the Historic Preservation Code.
  • Develop consistencies between city policy, Historic Preservation Codes, DHPC Rules, and application forms. Also, eliminate redundancy in Historic Preservation Codes and DHPC Rules.
  • Develop provisions to allow for exceptions when a property owner has a financial hardships.
  • Reduce review time of COAs and STVs, while maintaining compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.


COA  –       Certificate of Appropriateness
DHPC –      Dayton Historic Preservation Commission
DMC  –       Dayton Municipal Code
DMC 5.18 - Dayton Municipal Code Chapter 5.18, Historic Preservation Chapter
HPP16 - Historic Preservation Project - 2016 
SSHD –      South Side Historic District   
                      Reference is used with the “Local” (Register) or
                     “National Register” of Historic Places.
STV    –      Special Tax Valuation
WSHD –    Washington Street Historic District    
                      Reference is used with the “Local” (Register) or
                     “National Register” of Historic Places.




DDHD - Dingles
2014 Photo of Dingles Hardware Store located at the NW corner of E. Main St and N 1st St.
DDHD - Wenaha Gallery and Weinhard Hotel
SSHD - Winter Scene on S. 1st. St.
2014 photo
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