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Aberdeen - Fry Creek Restoration Project

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The Preliminary Design Report for the Fry Creek Restoration & Flood Reduction project was completed in August 2017. The Report identifies design and phasing alternatives for the lower creek system. Based on the Report's findings, the first phase of the project was selected to be the creek between Simpson Avenue and the railroad tracks. Final design of the first phase is currently underway. Funding for construction ($2.215 million) is included in the State's 2017-2019 biennium...
1/14/2017  -  Update from Kris Koski   
Schedule/Milestones and 2015-17 Funding have been updated.  See here.
10/17/2016  -  Update from Kris Koski   
Current project is on track and will be completed by 7/01/2017.
9/12/2016  -  Update from Kris Koski   
For Fry Creek, the first milestone should be changed from August 2016 to October 2016.
7/20/2016  -  Update from Kris Koski   
Updated schedule/milestones on project Overview page.  Consultant team will be hired August 2016.  Hydraulic analysis will be completed as part of 30% design.
5/12/2016  -  Project Website Set-Up   

Flood Authority authorized funding for the Fry Creek Restoration Project at their 4/21/2016 meeting based upon staff recommendation (see recommendation here).

 Project management website (here) and project financials website (here) have been set-up.

 Project funding agreement is DRAFT (here) and being reviewed by the City.
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