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Chehalis - Dillenbaugh Creek Culvert Assessment Project

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4/2/2017  -  Update from Trent Lougheed   
Dillenbaugh Creek Culvert Assessment study is complete.  See here.  Study identifies the following as high priority projects (see Summary):

Rice Road -- Replace/enlarge culvert (WSDOT right-of-way) as described here.
Bishop Road -- Replace/enlarge culvert as described here.

Presently Bishop Road is preferred based on City of Chehalis and WSDOT discussions regard costs and benefits. 
10/16/2016  -  Update from Trent Lougheed   
The project is now approximately 80% complete, and the remaining work is in analysis of fish passage and calibration of the model at one culvert location.  The project is moving ahead of the original schedule, and should be completed by the end of the year.
9/12/2016  -  Update from Trent Lougheed   
The consultant has completed the culvert inventory and condition reports, identified the basin and sub-basins, and are in the process of finalizing the hydraulic model of the Dillenbaugh.
7/20/2016  -  Trent Lougheed   
Skillings Connolly was selected (and is under contract) to complete the project.
Skillings Connolly has prepared base mapping and delineated the basins for the creek.
Skillings Connolly has completed approximately 2/3 of the culvert inventory/inspection (which will continue into next week).
5/12/2016  -  Project Website Set-Up   

Flood Authority authorized funding for the Dillenbaugh Creek Culvert Assessment Project at their 4/21/2016 meeting based upon staff recommendation (see recommendation here).

 Project management website (here) and project financials website (here) have been set-up.

 Final poject funding agreement (here) is out for signature by the City and RCO
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