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Transit Oriented Development Planning Resources

Summary of the project

Transit Oriented Development Implementation (TODI)

TODI is a grant program available to facilitate transit-oriented development that leverages investments in high-capacity transit systems and plans for high-density residential development near transit.  Transit, for the purposes of this grant includes light rail and fixed guideway rail systems, bus rapid transit, high frequency bus service and park and ride lots.  

Grant awards may only fund efforts that address environmental impacts and consequences, alternatives and mitigation measures in sufficient detail to allow the analysis to be adopted in whole or in part by applicants for development permits within the geographic area analyzed in the plan. Commerce interprets this to mean that any work under this grant must include enough environmental analysis that cities know what mitigation is needed (if any) for development applications within the predefined area so that SEPA does not need to be performed for each individual project.

Eligible activities for this grant include:

  • Preparation of state environmental policy act (SEPA) environmental impact statements (EISs);
  • Planned action ordinances;
  • Subarea plans;
  • Costs associated with the use of other tools under SEPA [such as urban infill exemptions or minor new construction flexible exemptions]; and
  • Costs of local code adoption and implementation of such efforts.

For more information on these requirements and definitions see Substitute House Bill 1080 (Sec. 1090, page 81) and RCW 43.21C.420(3)(e)

Timeline Reminders

If an action and/or step was in progress at the time you applied for this funding, grant funds may be used for any tasks occurring after July 1, 2021.

The final due date for deliverables is no later than June 15, 2023. If a city does not expect to be able to complete all activities by June 15, 2023, the city may opt to submit a final draft and schedule for adoption as the final deliverable. If the Legislature re-appropriates funding, then contracts with unfinished work will be amended to allow for completion of the work in the 23-25 biennium. Completion of all work by June 15, 2023 is preferred.

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