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GMA Housing Rulemaking



The Washington State Department of Commerce is updating administrative rules for the Growth Management Act to address recent legislation on housing, permitting, development regulations, urban growth areas, and rural development.

Growth Management Services (GMS) is actively working with local governments and other stakeholders to ensure local comprehensive plans and development regulations plan for and accommodate housing affordable to all economic segments of the population in Washington. Planning for housing now requires an inclusive and equity-driven approach to meet the housing needs for all residents at all income levels. Rulemaking will reflect recommendations in the technical guidance that GMS developed to support local government planning for increased densities, housing types, and considerations of displacement, exclusion and racially disparate impacts in local housing policies.

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Bills Included in WAC Update Bill Title Legislative Session
ESHB 1042 Concerning the use of existing buildings for residential purposes. 2023-24
E2SHB 1110 Increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing. 2023-24
E2SHB 1220 Supporting emergency shelters and housing through local planning and development regulations. 2021-22
ESHB 1293 Streamlining development regulations. 2023-24
SHB 1326 Waiving municipal utility connection charges for certain properties. 2023-24
EHB 1337 Expanding housing options by easing barriers to the construction and use of accessory dwelling units. 2023-24
SHB 1377 Concerning affordable housing development on religious organization property. 2019-20
HB 1695 Defining affordable housing for purposes of using surplus public property for public benefit. 2023-24
E2SHB 1923 Increasing urban residential building capacity. 2019-20
SB 5042 Concerning the effective date of certain actions taken under the growth management act. 2021-22
E2SSB 5258 Increasing the supply and affordability of condominium units and townhouses as an option for homeownership. 2023-24
2ESSB 5275 Enhancing opportunity in limited areas of more intense rural development. 2021-22
2SSB 5290 Concerning consolidating local permit review processes. 2023-24
2E2ESSB 5536 Concerning controlled substances, counterfeit substances, and legend drug possession and treatment. 2023-24
ESSB 5593 Concerning urban growth area boundaries. 2021-22
SSB 5818 Promoting housing construction in cities through amendments to and limiting appeals under the state environmental policy act and growth management act. 2021-22
ESSB 6617 Concerning accessory dwelling unit regulation. 2019-20



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