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Montesano - Revetment to Protect Montesano Rd., WWTP and Mary's River Lumber Project

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(4/17/2013) Update from Steve Schmitz     4/18/2013

We just received a draft report from WEST Consultants analyzing the different alternatives.

Now that we have this information we can really dig into each alternative and begin the coordination effort with stakeholders.

Our anticipated schedule is as follows:
  • May 3rd – Draft Plans for Alternatives Completed and Ready for Distribution.
  • May 6th – Coordination with individual stakeholders begins (exact meeting dates will be dependent on stakeholder availability).
  • June 3rd – Preliminary coordination complete. Feedback from stakeholders will be utilized to refining alternatives for selection of preferred alternative.
  • June 17th– Combined stakeholder meeting and presentation of preferred alternative (exact meeting dates will be dependent on stakeholder availability).

The only issue we may have with the schedule would be the availability of the different stakeholders. Right now we are shooting to have everything wrapped up prior to your July 1 deadline.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have also attached the Draft Report for your information (click here).

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