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Montesano - Revetment to Protect Montesano Rd., WWTP and Mary's River Lumber Project

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1/13/2015  -  Phase I and II Complete and Finished   
·       Phase I (Wastewater Treatment Plant protection dike) has been completed.·       Phase II (Mary’s River Lumber sheet pile wall) has been completed.·       Phase III (potential reopening of relic channel) is pending final value evaluation by WSDOT.·       Click here for Project Photos.·       Surplus Phase II steel...
7/15/2014  -  Project Update   
Project is on track for completion of sheet pile wall by August 2014.Click here for Project Photos.
6/18/2014  -  Project Update   
This project has two primary construction phases.  Phase I is construction of flood protection levee around the waste water treatment plant.  Phase II is construction of sheet pile flood protection levee at the Mary’s River Lumber site.Phase I (WWTP) is complete and finished as of 6-02-2014.Phase II (Mary’s River Lumber site) began construction June 16, 2014 and should be complete by end of August 2014.Initial projections are that Phase I and Phase II will be completed approximately...
3/19/2014  -  Update from Steve Schmitz   
To date we have installed approximately 440 linear feet of the 1482 feet proposed for the WWTP.Soil conditions have varied widely from those initially shown in the geotechnical report which initially slowed down installation.Currently the Contractor is averaging between 75 and 100 feet of sheet piles installed per day for the WWTP.Installation of the sheet piles should be completed within 2 weeks, with work at the entrance gate beginning shortly thereafter.Milling and delivery of the steel...
2/18/2014  -  Update from Steve Schmitz   
City of Montesano was granted approval by Flood Authority to proceed with expediting the construction at the WWTP.Stellar J and City of Montesano met for an on-site kick-off of the WWTP project on Thursday 2/13/2014.Stellar J plans on beginning construction at the WWTP on Monday 2/24/2014.Stellar J plans on beginning mobilization this week, with construction trailer and equipment beginning to arrive on Wednesday 2/19/2014.Submittals for various items have been provided by Stellar J and are...
11/19/2013  -  Update from Steve Schmitz   
Construction plans have been finalized and uploaded to site -- Click here.DRAFT permitting applications have been prepared and are being reviewed by the City of Montesano before being formally submitted to permitting and regulatory agencies.A mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting is scheduled for 11/21/2013.Bid opening date is scheduled for 12/10/2013.
11/7/2013  -  Update from Steve Schmitz   
11/-6/2013 update from Steve Schmitz -- "Attached is the revised project schedule for you. This is based on the long lead time required to obtain the sheet piling."  Click here for schedule.
9/18/2013  -  Project Update   
Fundingagreement for $6,000,000 (sheet pile wall, concrete block wall, wetlandrestoration) has been signed by both OFM and Montesano.  Parametrixshould be under contract shortly to start the work.
8/12/2013  -  Posted Final Report   
Final report (dated 8/06/2013) has been posted to the Library.  Click here.
On 7/18/2013 Steve Schmitz provided a presentation to the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority on a recommended preferred alternative for the project.  See presentation here.
6/20/2013  -  Update from Steve Schmitz (6/19/2013)   
Work has continued over the last month to identify and locate the permit that was issued by the Army Corp during the 1930’s for fill in the project area, but has so far been unsuccessful. Contact has been made with adjacent property owners and Mary’s River Lumber mill to discuss alternatives and reconstruction of the saw mill destroyed by fire.Amount that will be remaining unspent (by 7/01/2013) for continued coordination and finalization of the reports will be approximately $20,000.
From Steve Schmitz . . . "Here is the report from WSDOT.  It discusses the reach around the mill and provides some additional information when considering alternatives for that area."Click here for WSDOT report.
Three concept alternatives uploaded for further discussion and orientation on Wednesday the 15th.  They are:Full channel bypass -- click here.High-flow bypass and engineered log jam -- click here.Rock and sheet pile revetment -- click here.
4/18/2013  -  (1/23/2013) Update from Ken Estes   
The city signed the Interagency Agreement with OFM for funding the end of November 2012.  We then went out of bids to find a firm with expertise in Civil Engineering to meet OFM's Statement of Work on November 8, 2012.     Winner of the bid was Parametrix, whose home office is in Puyallup.  This was approved by the Montesano City Council on January 11, 2013 and a contract with Parametrix was signed January 22,...
4/18/2013  -  (3/13/2013) Update from Steve Schmitz   
Site visit and review of past studies completed.Preliminary Hydraulic and Geomorphic Report should be completed by the 22nd of this month for distribution and review.Scheduling conflicts and availability of stakeholders may delay selection of preferred alternative until after the 1st of July.Site visit revealed that the “peninsula” of land separating the ox bow is down to approximately 30 yards.See 03/13/2013 update report -- click here.
4/18/2013  -  (4/17/2013) Update from Steve Schmitz   
We just received a draft report from WEST Consultants analyzing the different alternatives.Now that we have this information we can really dig into each alternative and begin the coordination effort with stakeholders.Our anticipated schedule is as follows:May 3rd – Draft Plans for Alternatives Completed and Ready for Distribution.May 6th – Coordination with individual stakeholders begins (exact meeting dates will be dependent on stakeholder availability).June 3rd – Preliminary coordination...
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