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Bucoda - Wellhead Protection Levee Project

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7/12/2014  -  Project Complete and Under Budget   
Project is complete and finished.Click here for Project Photos.Project was completed $37,601 under budget.
6/18/2014  -  Project Update   
Project is complete and finished as of 6-17-2014.Project was completed approximately $38,000 under budget.Click here for photos showing construction and completion of the project.
3/19/2014  -  Project Update from Scott Severs   
Town of Bucoda approved the low bidder (Northwest Cascade Inc.) during the Council Meeting March 11, 2014.Next step will be to deliver Notice of Award documents to NW Cascade.
2/17/2014  -  Project Update   
Final bid documents have been uploaded to the Library.  Click here.
1/8/2014  -  Project/Schedule Update   
SEPA determination issued 12/20/2013 (click here).Anticipated schedule calls for:February 2014 -- Call for bids.March 2014 -- Project award.April 2014 -- Construction start.July 2014 -- Contruction complete.
11/20/2013  -  Project Update   
Site plan and SEPA checklist have been developed and submitted to Town of Bucoda for review.Click here for site plan.Click here for SEPA checklist.
9/18/2013  -  Project Update   
Town and their contractor will prepare bid documents, SEPA checklist, and work to develop schedule and construction scope of work (Fall 2013).
7/26/2013  -  Bid Documents Uploaded to the Library   
See bid documents for Phase II (construction) in the Library here.
6/20/2013  -  Update from Alan Vanell (6/19/2013)   
I reviewed the EZ view link regarding our project.We received the Project Manual for the Bucoda Levee Improvement Project for the Town of Bucoda prepared by Jerome W. Morrissette & Associates Inc., P. S. dated June 4th, 2013.  In the manual is the finalization of the Bid Documents as described on the EZview link.  We have the drawings (24” x 36”) showing: A. Site PlanB. Existing Condition & Demolition PlanC. Erosion Control PlanD. Erosion Control Notes & DetailsE....
5/13/2013  -  Updated schedule   
May 14, 2013 -- Report to Town Council on improvement plan.End-May 2013  -- Finalize improvement plan based on Council comments.  Start preparation of bid documents.Early-June 2013 -- Finalize bid documents.
4/8/2013  -  1/22/2013 Update from Alan Vanell   
I talked with Mayor Carr about the levee project.  He said the study has been completed.  The amount needed to complete the project has been submitted to the governor for inclusion in the next biennial budget ($305,000).
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