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Bucoda - Wellhead Protection Levee Project

Summary of the project

Last Updated: July 12, 2014


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2012 Funding -- $42,000 (9/28/2012).

2013-15 Funding -- $267,399 (9/26/2013)
                                 [Note: Original budget = $305,000.  $$ here reflect $37,601 saved.]

Description -- The proposed project is to raise and extend the existing levee in order to fully encircle the Town's wellhead with a continuous levee system that will protect the Town's drinking water system and have an average elevation of 256 feet with roughly 3 feet of freeboard.   Phase I is to design the levee and includes (a) preparation of levee improvement plan and (b) completion of bid documents.  Phase II will be to construct the levee once funding is available.  Phase I of the project will be completed by 7/01/2013.  Phase II will be construction phase. 

Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- The proposed project is viewed as essential to protect the Town's drinking water system including the wellhead, pumps, generator and equipment from future floods.  The proposed project is intended to protect the Town's wellhead infrastructure from direct flood velocity damage as well as backwater ponding.

Project Status -- Phase I -- Completed.  Phase II -- Completed.

  • DONE -- June 17, 2014 -- Construction complete.
  • DONE -- April 2014 -- Construction start.
  • DONE -- March 2014 -- Project award.
  • DONE -- February 2014 -- Call for bids.  See Library here for final bid documents.
  • DONE -- SEPA Determination issued 12/20/2013 (click here).
  • DONE -- Mid-November 2013 -- SEPA Checklist and Site Plan submitted to Bucoda.  Awaiting SEPA Determination.  Click here for site plan.  Click here for SEPA.
  • DONE -- Fall 2013 -- Prepare bid documents, SEPA checklist, and work to develop schedule and construction scope of work.
  • DONE -- September 2013 -- Finalize inter-local agreement with OFM.  Click here for scope of work.
  • DONE -- Early-June 2013 -- Finalize bid documents.  See bid documents in library (click here).
  • DONE -- End-May 2013  -- Finalize improvement plan based on Council comments.  Start preparation of bid documents.
  • DONE -- May 14, 2013 -- Report to Town Council on improvement plan.
  • DONE -- Sept./Oct. 2012 -- Interagency funding agreement between Bucoda and OFM approved. 
  • DONE -- 8/02/2012 -- Funding approved for Bucoda by CRBFA and Chehalis Tribe (click here).
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