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1/14/2015  -  Update from Bob Amrine   
·       Permits have been secured for 11 additional pads in Lewis County. ·       3 of the 11 pads have been constructed (Nelson, Howell, Wood). ·       1 additional pad has been constructed but needs to wait until spring to complete fencing and put rock on top (Forth). ·       7 remaining pads will be constructed spring or early summer 2015...
7/12/2014  -  Update from Bob Amrine   
For Lewis County, designs and permit applications are nearly complete for:10 new Livestock & Equipment Pads.Adding space to 2 previously constructed livestock pads for equipment.1 new evacuation route.For Grays Harbor County, designs and permit applications are nearly complete for:3 new Livestock & Equipment Pads.Construction activities are anticipated to start by September.
3/19/2014  -  Update from Butch and Bob   
Presently 15 locations around the Basin have been identified for critter/equipement pads.Grays Harbor has three farms signed up for pads (one for cattle, two for equipment).Three sites have completed surveying.Plan is to start design and permitting in March/April and construction in Summer 2014.
2/18/2014  -  Update from Bob Amrine   
We will start surveying and designing critter/equipment pads in the next two weeks.We have 12 new sites and two exiting pads that we will be adding for a total of 14.Some of these may fall out during the survey and design phase based on elevations and locations.
1/13/2014  -  Update from Bob Amrine   
Still assessing a few sites.There will likely be 8 to 11 new critter/equipment pad sites and 1 new evacuation route.Two of the original 5 critter pads will be added to for farm equipment.Surveying and designing the structures should begin in February 2014.Permit applications will be submitted mid to late April 2014.Contracting and construction are planned for July 2014.
11/18/2013  -  Update from Bob Amrine   
Now working (1) with additional producers to locate sites where critter/equipment pads are needed, (2) to find sites to get material for building the pads, (3) to size the pads and (4) to complete costs estimates. Four cost estimates for pads and one for an evacuation route have been received thus far.Additional sites are anticipated to be identified next month.Surveying to complete designs and start permitting will begin in December or January.
4/17/2013  -  Update from Bob Amrine   
Critter pads along the upper Chehalis River on Ceres Hill Road (Lawton and Kestings) are currently getting bids for construction.  All permits are in place and construction should be completed by the middle of June.  Critter pad near Chehalis is on hold until we get a design.  This one should be constructed in the next round.  
4/14/2013  -  (12/18/2012) Update Bob Amrine   
The Brunoff, Larson and Gregory pads on Bunker Creek Road are completed.  The landowners are in the process of contracting the two escape routes.  They are for Dykstra and Powe.  The two pads on Ceres Hill are on hold until we get a source of material.  I’m hoping to locate a close source in the next month.
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