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WA Conservation Commission -
Farm Pads & Evacuation Routes

Summary of the project
Last Updated: January 14, 2015

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2012 Funding (Phase I) -- $500,000 (10/9/2012).

2013 Funding (Phase II) -- $850,000 (Pending).

Description -- Livestock & Equipment pads reduce livestock mortality and economic loss to landowners and local communities.  They provide an area elevated above the flood level to hold livestock and critical farm equipment during a flood event.  The Lewis County Conservation District has taken the lead to work with farmers to identify potential sites for critter pads in Lewis County.  The Conservation District has contacted Thurston and Grays Harbor Conservation Districts and the Chehalis Tribe to see if there is interest for livestock & equipment pads in these jurisdictions.  In Lewis County, three livestock pads are originally proposed for construction at farms along Bunker Creek Road (Gregory, Brunoff, Larson), two more at locations along the upper Chehalis River (Lawton, Kesting), one more at a location along the main stem Chehalis River (near City of Chehalis) and one at Curtis Hill (Dykstra evacuation route).  Each of the pads require engineering design and permit approval by Lewis County.  The pads range in size from 37 x 37 feet to 151 x 151 feet and the heights are from 5 feet to 15 feet.  See plans and drawings here.
Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- Reduction of livestock mortality and economic loss to landowners and local communities.

Project Status -- Completed critter pads -- Gregory (click here), Brunoff (click here), Larson (click here), Lawton (click here) and Kesting (click here).  Completed evacuation routes -- Dykstra (click here) and Balmelli-Powe (click here).

Project Schedule -- Significant milestone and schedule events are as follows:

  • September 2014 -- Contracting and construction of new pad and evacuation routes.
  • June/July/August 2014 -- Permitting.
  • DONE -- April/May 2014 -- Permit applications submitted.
  • DONE -- February/March 2014 -- Surveying and designing new structures.
  • DONE -- July 2013 -- Livestock pad completed = Gregory, Brunoff, Larson, Lawton, and Kesting.  Evacuation routes completed = Dykstra and Balmelli-Powe.  [Note: Click here for video showing construction of Kesting critter pad.] 
  • DONE -- June 2013 -- Livestock pads along upper Chehalis River (Lawton, Kesting) to be completed.  Another evacuation route (Balmelli-Powe) to be completed too. 
  • DONE -- May 2013 -- Construction underway for Lawton and Kestings critter pads, as well Balmelli-Powe evacuation route. 
  • DONE -- Fall 2012/Winter 2013 -- Gregory (click here), Brunoff (click here) and Larson (click here) critter pads and Dykstra evacuation route (click here). 
  • DONE -- Fall 2012 -- Interagency funding agreement between Lewis County Conservation District and OFM approved. 
  • DONE -- 9/06/2012 -- Funding approved for Lewis County (Conservation District) by CRBFA and Chehalis Tribe (click here).
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