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Chehalis - Chehalis-Centralia Airport Pump Project

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3/30/2017  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
Updates to schedule and status made to Project overview page.
10/16/2016  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
Clarified language regarding status and timeline for the project (see Overview tab).
7/20/2016  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
Adjustments have been made to the overall timelione due to delays in finalizing geo-technical questions and concerns, as well WDFW requirements for fish exclusion/dewatering and concluding work prior to the end of the DFW fish window (SEP 30th).
Skillings Connolly is preparing final structural design for the pump house.
See revised timeline here.
Airport and Flood Authority Projects Committee will review recent cost information presented by Skillings Connolly...
5/18/2016  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   

See latest, updated plans from Skillings here.

Updated schedule is that bids for construction are estimated to go out end of May 2016 with an estimated start date for construction of July 1, 2016.
4/21/2016  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
Skillings Connolly is working with Chehalis Community Development in order to complete the environmental permitting.
Skillings is incorporating a design change for the pump stations trash rack meant to simplify and reduce costs.
Estimate construction documents going to bid mid-May 2016.
Target date of construction mid-June 2016.
3/12/2016  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
Skillings Connolly Engineering provided a set of preliminary plans based on the geo-technical survey and input from their structural engineer.

See Building Floor Plan here.
See Pump Assembly here.
See Pump Station Elevations here.  (Note: Finished floor height for the plans will be changed to reflect a levee elevation of 185.5'.)

Skillings team will add a LED light to indicate when the pumps are on, an auto dialer to alert airport staff of a malfunction, photoelectric...
1/20/2016  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
One potential and anticipated change is whether or not we will initially have a dual pump capability.  Skillings Connolly (hired engineering consultant) believes the best way to remain within the existing budget may be to phase in the second (redundant pump capability).  As such, the design and construction will allow for two pumps, but the second pump may require additional funding if acquisition and installation of two pumps initially proves too expensive. The design...
12/17/2015  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
Skillings Connolly, Inc. out of Lacey, WA was selected to design and oversee construction of the pump house.
We are currently working to complete the contract for the agreed upon scope of work.
Our next step is to have a geo-technical company complete the analysis of soils required for the design. Once we have a design in hand we can provide you with a copy to post the concept design on line.
We have also linked up the Corps of Engineers with Skillings Connolly earlier in the week and will...
11/20/2015  -  Update from David Fleckenstein   
1.  The cost analysis and plan for engineering services is currently out with Skillings Connolly Engineering out of Lacey, WA.  (Once we have their design plan and costs, we will take it to the City Manager and subsequently the City Council for approval.)
2.  We received an estimate for the Geotechnical work from Insight Geologic and are working with their team to finalize an estimate based on information Skillings needs for the design.
3.  Current goal is for construction...
10/15/2015  -  Project Website Set-Up   
Project website for the Chehalis-Centralia Airport Pump Project has been launched.
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