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Chehalis - Chehalis-Centralia Airport Pump Project

Summary of the project
Last Updated: April 2, 2017


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2015-17 Funding -- $1,146,000 [$716,000 per 10/06/2015 agreement here; $80,000 for additional pump per 4/21/2016 approval of Flood Authority staff recommendation here; $350,000 for updated engineer estimate of construction cost per 10/20/2016 approval of Flood Authority staff recommendation here.]
Project Financials -- See separate project financials website here.
Description -- The Chehalis-Centralia Airport Pump Project is to raise and replace the existing, aged airport levee pump (pump located inside the levee that rings the airport).  During the 2007 flood event, the pump house was submerged and subsequently shut down for a period.  The new pump design includes a redundant pump in case the primary pump fails during a significant flooding event. 
Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- The pump will help protect the airport and commercial facilities and associated infrastructure behind the airport levee including roads, utilities, and the airport itself.  All of these are essential during a flood event (emergency).
Project Status -- On-Track, Underway (Prime contractor ordering necessary materials with long lead times.)

Schedule/Milestones -- Current schedule is as follows: 
  • Fall 2016 -- Advertise for Bids.
  • January 2017 -- Award to Lowest Responsible Bidder (the pumps have a 22 week lead time from ordering to pump delivery).
  • June 1, 2017 -- Notice to Proceed with on-site pump station construction.
  • July 31, 2017 -- Pump station construction complete.
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