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Napavine - Kirkland Road Flooding Project

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4/8/2017  -  Update from Scott Boettcher   
1.  Following have occured in recent weeks regarding the Napavine Kirkland Road Project:

12-19-2016 -- INITIAL Report and Findings -- Click here.
1-31-2017 -- Meeting with County Commissioners Fund and Jackson, City of Napavine, Flood Authority and interested citizens (Breen and Smell).
1-31-2017 -- Comments from Breen and Smell -- Click here (Breen) and here (Smell).
2-08-2017 -- Interest from additional citizen -- Click here (Swanson).
2-21-2017 -- Response to...
1/13/2017  -  Update from Steve Ashley   
Update from Steve Ashley:
"At this time (January 11, 2017) Napavine has in its possession the final draft of the Kirkland Road Storm Water Study Report (see here).  The study gives Napavine a scope of activities and an estimate of costs to perform those activities. Activities include reshaping current ditch lines, upsizing current culverts, and placement of some new culverts in several locations.
Napavine's next step in this project related to the original scope of work within the Grant...
10/17/2016  -  Update from Nancy Lockett   
Provide updated description to current schedule.
7/20/2016  -  Update from Nancy Lockett   
We are continuing to work on the pre-design report for the City of Napavine Kirkland Road Flooding Study.
We are on track to have a draft report this summer. 
5/18/2016  -  Update from Nancy Lockett   

We have completed additional survey, updated the hydraulic model and are preparing the Design Report.  We will have a draft of the Design Report completed Summer 2016.

See latest progress report here.
4/21/2016  -  Update from Steve Ashley   
No substantive updates this month.
3/12/2016  -  Update from Steve Ashley   

Recent work accomplished:

Background information was gathered on the drainage basin.
Draft Drainage Report and basemap was started.

Upcoming work:

Additional site survey will be conducted to verify existing conditions.
The hydraulic model will be updated based on the survey information.

Project is on-track.
1/19/2016  -  Update from Steve Ashley   
Project updates are as follows:

The City of Napavine authorized Gray & Osborne, Inc. to begin work on the project on November 10, 2015.

A site visit was conducted on December 15, 2015.

A hydraulic model was developed using the Ecology Western Washington Hydraulic Model.

A drainage report identifying the basin, projected flows, capacity of the existing system and improvements will be prepared.

A basemap and preliminary plans of the identified improvements will be...
12/17/2015  -  Update from Steve Ashley   
No new updates.
10/27/2015  -  Project Website Set-Up   
Project website for the Napavine Kirkland Road Flooding Project has been launched.
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