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Napavine - Kirkland Road Flooding Project

Summary of the project
Last Updated: April 8, 2017


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2015-17 Funding -- $40,000 for Design Study (11/18/2015, click here).
Project Financials -- See separate project financials website here.
Description -- The City of Napavine’s project is to study options to re-route or contain backflow water from flood events off the Newaukum River from East I-5 to West I-5.  The study area has grown considerably over the last few years and is continuing to attract large commercial growth.  This makes keeping these roadways open and properties safe from backflow waters from the Newaukum River the number one priority of the City of Napavine. The project design study is necessary to better understand how to provide for growth that is protected from backflow events and is anticipated to take six months to complete.
Flood Hazard Reduction Benefits -- Benefits include flood damage reduction to surrounding properties along Kirkland Road, Rush Road and Bond Road due to control of overbank and backflow waters from the Newaukum River.
Project Status -- On-Track, Underway.

Schedule/Milestones -- Current schedule is as follows: 
  • Summer 2016 -- Draft Design Study -- Draft Kirkland Road Flooding Project will identify drainage facilities that need to be upgraded or installed to provide a route for flood flows from the Newakum River to drain away from the Kirkland Road area.
  • Spring/Summer 2017 -- Final Design Study -- Finalization work will include environmental review, permitting and preliminary design.
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