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Commerce Update of Critical Areas Guidance

State Advisory Committee

State Technical Advisory Committee Members


Name Agency/Organization
Tim Gates Department of Ecology, Shoreline Management
Dave Radabaugh Department of Ecology, Frequently Flooded Areas
Keith Folkerts Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas
Donna Bunten Department of Ecology, Wetlands
Peter Best Puget Sound Partnership
Hugo Flores Department of Natural Resources, Aquatic Lands
Elizabeth McNagny Departmentt of Agriculture
Dave Norman Department of Natural Resources, Geology
Stephen Slaughter Department of Natural Resources, Geology
Tim Walsh Department of Natural Resources, Geology
Laurie Morgan Department of Ecology, Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas
Ron Shultz State Conservation Commission
Bill Eller State Conservation Commission, Voluntary Stewardship Program

Scott Kuhta

Morgan Mak

Department of Commerce, Voluntary Stewardship Program

Washington State Military Department, Emergency Management Division


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