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Growth Management Act WAC Update

Summary of the project


The Department of Commerce completed a comprehensive update to the administrative rules that implement the Growth Management Act (GMA) and adopted final changes on March 29, 2023. Commerce initiated rulemaking on December 29, 2020 and worked with state agencies, local governments, tribal governments, and other stakeholders to develop a project scope and consider proposed changes to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).  Commerce works with local governments to provide guidance on comprehensive plans and development regulations for cities and counties across Washington.  Effective implementation of the GMA supports strong, resilient, and equitable communities.

The update included revisions to the following chapters:

  • WAC 365-190: Minimum Guidelines to Classify Agriculture, Forest, Mineral Lands, and Critical Areas
  • WAC 365-195: Best Available Science
  • WAC 365-196: Procedural Criteria for Adopting Comprehensive Plans and Development Regulations
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