Design Alternatives for Large Capital Flood Damage Reduction Projects

 Last Updated: 1/10/2014 

In examining potential water retention structures, the technical team is now principally focused on further research into: (1) two general types of construction -- permanent reservoir with fish passage, or run of the river which has no permanent reservoir; and (2) two alternatives for building material -- roller compact concrete, or earthen fill. 

Engineering work is being conducted to determine the cost and feasibility of the different designs.

A list of smaller, local projects have been developed in consultation with the basin local governments and other interested parties. These projects will be compared to the benefits and impacts of larger flood damage reduction projects.

State agencies and OFM consultant (Anchor QEA) are completing the technical models to assess impacts to fish and other aquatic species from flood projects. The models will also be used to develop an aquatic species enhancement plan.

WSDOT has initiated engineering work on alternatives to protect Interstate 5.

The methodology for the economic analysis of alternatives has been approved by the Governor’s Chehalis Basin Work Group.

Technical and policy workshops were held in October and November 2013. The policy workshop included members from all basin local governments, the Chehalis Tribe, the Quinault Indian Nation, state agencies and environmental organizations.

Priority Local Flood Protection Projects, Including Multipurpose Projects

Last Updated: 1/10/2014 

90% of Legislatively appropriated $$ for smaller-scale, local projects have been obligated to local communities throughout the Basin.

Many smaller-scale, local projects have been completed or are now moving to construction.  Click here for local project tracking and funding sheet (or see attached).

Basin interests are actively working to identify additional, future smaller-scale, local projects (possibly for consideration in the 2015-17 funding cycle).  Click here for additional information regarding future projects.




Projects to Reduce Damage to Residential and Other Structures

Last Updated: 1/10/2014 

A request for proposals (RFP) have been developed and approved by the Flood Authority to conduct an analysis of local government floodplain management programs and develop recommendations for how to increase consistent management where appropriate amongst Basin jurisdictions.

Click here for copy of the RFP.

State Agency Technical Assistance, Stakeholder Project Management, Project Support, and Coordination

Last Updated: 1/10/2014

The Office of Financial Management has finalized $23.2 million in implementation contracts for: 
  • Ruckelshaus Center to provide facilitation and project management.
  • Lewis County in support of the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority.
  • State departments of Natural Resources, Ecology, Fish and Wildlife, and Transportation to provide technical and policy assistance.
  • Local construction projects sponsored by Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Grays Harbor County, Montesano, Pe Ell, Bucoda and Chehalis Tribe.
  • Lewis County PUD for aquatic species data collection by the US Geological Survey.
This constitutes roughly 82% of the $28.2 million July 1, 2013 Legislative appropriation.


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