NOTICE (12-11-2017): 
1.  Follow-up from 12-04-2017 Webinar:  
a.  Webinar Recording:
*  Access recording via Dropbox --> Click here.
*  Access recording via Flickr --> Click here.
 b.  Webinar Presentation --> Click here.
 c.  Answers to Questions Raised During Webinar --> Click here.
 d.  Webinar Participants --> Click here.



NOTICE (11-16-2017):
1.  Sign-up to receive 2017/18 email gage alerts --> Click here.
        (Sign-up to receive 2018/19 email gage alerts --> Click here.)

2.  Sign-up for free informational webinar on Chehalis Basin Flood Warning System (12/05/2017) --> Click here.
3.  Download flood warning system icon options for your website.
a.  Icon Option 1 --> Click here.
b.  Icon Option 2 --> Click here.
4.  Learn more
a.  Chehalis River Basin Flood Warning System Brief Sheet --> Click here.
b.  Interactive Gage Alerts map --> Click here.
c.  2014-17 Gage Alert Sign-Ups --> Click here.
5.  Access Chehalis Basin Flood Warning System --> Click www.chehalisriverflood.com. 
Scott Boettcher, Staff
Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority
-- Be Aware, Be Prepared --


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